Amazing Facts About Nigeria


Nigeria is well-known for its vibrant culture and diverse population, making it one of the top tourist spots on the African continent. But do you understand enough about Nigeria to appreciate it fully? Check out the Best info about naijauncut.

No matter your interests – history or nature – Nigeria offers something unique. So start exploring it like never before by learning these fun facts about Nigeria!

1. The wealthiest man in Africa lives here

Aliko Dangote of Nigeria remains Africa’s wealthiest person for an unprecedented 12th consecutive year, with an estimated worth of $13.5 billion.

He amasses his wealth primarily through the profits from his cement manufacturing company, which operates across several African nations. He also invests in sugar, salt, telecom, and agriculture businesses.

He recently invested in an oil refinery, which will reduce his country’s reliance on foreign fuel suppliers and thus cut import costs by up to 36%. Furthermore, he’s an active philanthropist supporting multiple causes within his nation.

2. The country has the largest economy in Africa

Nigeria is a multiethnic and culturally diverse federation comprising 36 autonomous states. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation, with over 200 million residents. 

Economic activity in Ghana is driven primarily by oil sales, with crude sales accounting for over 90% of GDP. Unfortunately, low oil prices and capital outflows present significant challenges to economic development in Ghana.

With its vast size and resources, Nigeria remains one of Africa’s poorest countries. A third of its population does not attend school regularly, and child mortality rates remain alarmingly high.

3. The country has a rich footballing heritage

Originating in factories and mills, early baseball teams formed around them were often dictated by personal taste rather than necessity; successful clubs were those owned by individuals who understood the need to spread baseball among working-class members of their club.

This country’s top-flight football academy system has produced several outstanding talents recently.

4. The country has the most significant number of twins in the world

Nigeria boasts one of the highest twin birth rates worldwide. Simply strolling around Igbo-Ora will show this. Nearly every home contains at least one set of twins!

New research has revealed that twin birth rates are increasing dramatically due to fertility treatments such as IVF and ovarian stimulation.

However, research shows that more women are delaying starting families until later in life and using contraception, which contributes to increased multiple births, according to researchers.

5. The country has the oldest boat in the world

No one knows when the first boat was created, but it is generally believed that people first relied on floating logs or bundles of reeds to keep themselves afloat. Over time, people learned to hollow out logs to create rafts and boats.

The oldest known boat is the Pesse canoe which dates back to 8200-7600 BC. It was discovered at Dufuna in Yobe State by German and Nigerian archaeologists.

6. The country has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Nigeria boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites – Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove and Sukur Cultural Landscape. Anyone should visit both with an interest in African history and culture.

Osun-Osogbo Grove boasts impressive feats of architecture, such as Africa’s largest remaining sacred grove and complex tombs and shrines. On the other hand, Sukur Cultural Landscape features an impressive castle preserved through time, ritual-oriented terrace fields, and an extravagant Hidi Palace.

7. The country’s capital is not Lagos

Once a city is designated the capital, it becomes the central hub for an entire country, providing greater unity and protection of statehood.

Nigeria’s coastal megacity of Lagos draws thousands of people daily with hopes and promises of opportunity.

Unfortunately, however, the city was unprepared to deal with such a large influx of people searching for better lives. Although it’s Africa’s largest metropolis, many residents still need access to essential services like water or sanitation.

8. The country has a pidgin English language

Hawaii’s pidgin English is an original combination of Hawaiian and English languages used initially on sugar plantations; over time, it has also incorporated elements from Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Linguists find its vocabulary and grammatical bases fascinating; conversely, its speakers and language foundations offer great opportunities for linguistic communication with locals while strengthening community ties.

9. The country has the second-largest movie industry in the world

Nollywood, or Nigerian Hollywood, emerged in the 1990s and quickly became one of the most recognized cultural centers worldwide. Producing more movies than Hollywood and almost as many as Bollywood today.

Despite having modest budgets, Nollywood movies stand out with their original takes on Afrocentric themes, making them a favorite among millions of moviegoers across Africa and internationally.

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