Any Genetically Modified Food Supply instructions Is That What You Want?


Many critical issues plague Genetically Improved (GM or GMO) foodstuff. The world’s top analysts have risked their careers to come out and warn you about the dangers of GM foodstuff and how bad they are for the health and the environment. Sadly, big agriculture companies aligned with governments usually do whatever they can to cover and ignore the dangers so they can line their pockets with huge profits. Of course, they can rather have you believe that they are accomplishing their part to save the earth from starvation. But little do they know that they are foremost the world’s food supply to a very dark and dangerous place. And when it gets to that time, when they realize what they did seemed to be wrong, it will be too late for any individual to do anything about it. It will be irrevocable!

Covering Up the Dangers

Thirteen years ago, Dr . Arpad Pusztai, Ph.D., was commissioned to examine biologically modified potatoes with a lectin gene from a European plant called Galanthus Nivalis. He inserted the gene into the apples and fed those biologically engineered potatoes to laboratory work rats. The results were of interest. What was noticed was the fact that the organs of the rats have been around since critically damaged. In addition, all their immune systems were drastically weakened. Dr . Pusztai supplied a warning to the United kingdom public by revealing his or her startling test results as well as the need for further testing so that you can confirm the dangers. Needless to state, a scandal broke to discredit Dr . Pusztai, and he was immediately forced to help keep quiet and retire.

More Research Confirms the Dangers

In 2005, doctor of The field of biology Irina Ermakova released the final results of a research study she guided at the Institute of Higher Stressed Activity and Neurophysiology in the Russian Academy of Savoir. This study showed the final results of what happened to be able to rats born to mums that consumed genetically changed soy. And seeing that the particular biochemical structures of mice are similar to that of humans will make the results even more disturbing. Generally, 56% of the rats given birth to those mothers with GM Soy died within three weeks. This is distressing because the death rate among rats born to mums that ate regular almonds was only 9%.

This is another example of the dangers regarding GM food. In this case, ingrown toenail feed. In 1997, any farmer who found evidence that will feed genetically modified ingrown toenails to his cattle was responsible for systematically killing his or her cattle, destroying the production of his whole milk, and toxic poisoning his or her farmland. This particular strain of corn was engineered to generate a toxin that would face the corn resistant to a damaging and deadly insect.

These are simply two examples of the many unsafe results GM foods are wearing on our health and food supply. Having allergies and disease attaining levels never before seen, along with the ages of people affected turning out to be younger, should there be any skepticism that GM foods are performing a role in the destruction of your DNA? If you want to learn more about the cover-ups and risks of GM foods, read a replica of “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffrey M. Jones. It documents GM foods’ health risks and the influence of government and industry. This allows these foods into all of our supermarkets.

The Worlds Food Is In Danger

GM foodstuff has the potential of irreversibly upsetting our planet’s entire ecosystem, and our government is producing very little to stop that. There are serious consequences and repercussions that are yet to be realized. Gene contaminations are not simply cleaned up, including chemical disasters. When this gene contaminant becomes a component of our environment, there is no way to remove them. They are irreversible. They can become a part of the environment and ecosystem. Every living organism is exposed to these contaminants and their unknown side effects. Who knows how they genetically mutate to the third stage? It’s beyond our command!

Why is it beyond our command? Simply put, cross-pollination. Genetically built crop fields cross-pollinate with neighboring crops, producing new and harmful types. Wind, birds, and bugs carry seeds into nearby and afar areas. Within the vast outdoors, cross-pollination can not be controlled, and genetically designed crops are not immune to it. Not only this, organic fields are at risk of being contaminated. Pollen from GM crops can simply cross-pollinate with organic vegetation, thus contaminating entire vegetation.

In 1996, just 6 500 sq kilometers of farmland worldwide was devoted to GM crops. In only ten short years, 6 500 figure has exploded exponentially to be 390 000 sq miles. And that is not considering the natural effect of cross-pollination. Unbelievable! At that rate, our entire food supply will be liable for being GM. Truly natural food will be a thing of the past.

The Fight Against GM — Choose Organic.

It is not easy battling a giant such as Monsanto, particularly when they have the support of our government. But if we are to safeguard our food supply, we must battle. Organic farmers are performing their best to make a stand and hurt Monsanto, where these people feel it the most, their profit margins. When you choose organic, you set your vote and cash against Genetically Modified meals. If it weren’t for our natural farmers or the supermarkets focused on organic foods, the Monsantos of our universe would have all of us eating nothing besides their dangerous GM meals.

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