Are you able to Trust Psychology? How to Prevent or maybe Cure Any Mental Health issues


There are so many psychologists in our entire world that we could say that anyone could have a private psychologist. Many theories and new developments are presented together like there was no difference between theories and actual developments that can be confirmed.

When I started studying psychology, I validated the existence of a chaotic condition in this field. Who was appropriate? Whose method could My spouse and I trust?

I cared about psychology because I had for you to solve my internal problems urgently. I needed relief. Required peace.

At that time (1984), I was a new mother and needed to be with my baby at all times. I remembered the words of 1 of my best B razil friends, Arnold. He loved Carl Jung’s psychology and knew everything about him. I was curious to learn Jung’s books after having many conversations about his or her theories with Arnold, yet I never did it after I was a teen and we got these discussions.

Arnold grew to be psychotic when he was 21 years old. I had decided to live in Portugal near my relatives due to the social problems in Sao Paulo. We had no safety. Our mother was in Brazil during those times and helped Arnold’s family on my behalf.

I somehow blamed Carl Jung’s ideas because my friend grew to be psychotic. Jung didn’t aid him in finding sound emotional health.

After following a psychiatric remedy with heavy medications over five years, Arnold committed destruction. One of our mother’s friends had suggested this psychiatrist, allegedly a specialist. However, he struggled to help my friend recuperate his or her conscience.

When Arnold ended his life (having been 26 years old), I was living in Athens and was already married. I only learned about the meaning of dreams at the beginning of our studies.

I had a flattering vivid dream a few days before learning about his death. I could see the Earth’s globe from a length as if I was somewhere inside space. Then, a speech told me someone needed the elixir of existence but couldn’t find it.

I understood that I couldn’t pin the consequence on Carl Jung’s lessons because my friend didn’t escape psychosis. Arnold liked psychology greatly because he had many hidden psychological problems that we decided not to suspect he had.

He was a brilliant and nicely balanced young man when we were mates. He was my boyfriend’s previous classmate and an of our gang.

I was from a gang of 14 boys and five females when I was a teen. Arnold seemed to be perfectly balanced in addition to being well-educated. He had never brought about any problem. He was an excellent close friend. His mental illness must have been a horrible surprise that nobody could predict when I was a teen.

His case allowed me to understand that mental illnesses can be hazardous. Arnold suddenly misplaced his mind. He had a new nervous crisis and broke everything at his / her house. He was interned and has had electroshock therapy. I could hardly believe that this tragedy acquired happened to him. However, I met Arnold for a clinic (in 1980) with Sao Paulo when I returned to Brazil after our long trip to the USA and also Greece before deciding to be able to live in Greece permanently.

I desired to cry, but I had developed to be strong. He had shed his intelligence. His words and phrases made no sense. I couldn’t believe that such a disaster had happened to my pal.

I understood that any person could be suddenly controlled simply by absurdity and show abnormal behavior, even if this person seems to be well-balanced according to the criteria of our traditional time. This is a psychological truth you must remember.

Arnold was a responsible teen. He proved helpful in a bank, and he has been trying to study psychology at the best universities in Sao Paulo and become a psychiatrist. He seemed to be one of our gang’s most well-balanced and intelligent members.

I also knew his or her family very well because we all used to eat there, in addition to staying in his house, experiencing music and talking all day long. His mother was a superb cook and his father, in addition to two sisters, was incredibly generous. His family seemed to be one of the best families in the world. His / her mental illness was a destructive surprise no one could expect from an ordinary young man, including him, who had such a terrific family.

He had a good education, although his parents were far too generous with him. Many people let him decide everything or their way.

Arnold was addressed as if he knew anything because he was very sensible while ignorant. Most of us blame parents who stifle their children, but we should, in addition, blame parents who supply too much freedom to their little ones because they seem to be responsible in addition to intelligent. Parents must offer guidance to their children without believing that they are usually intelligent enough and know what they are doing when they are young adults.

When I started studying mindsets because I was always frustrated, I remembered a few discussion posts I had with Arnold concerning Carl Jung’s points of view. I started reading his or her books. I was surprised by the superiority of his performance after reading the ebooks of many named psychologists.

I understood that only Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation could be applied to any dream and make sense. Jung’s interpretations failed to look like the other psychologists’ superficial understanding. The task of a genius like Carl Jung differed from average analysts’ work.

When I finally understood his / her complicated method of dream decryption, I realized that thanks to his / her extraordinary work, I had observed a treasure. Carl Jung was the best teacher in addition to doctor I have ever had. My partner and I read all his guides numerous times. He preserved my life.

I cared about the meaning of dreams mainly because I had many vivid wishes. I could remember all their facts. Many dreams had been notable in my life and had intrigued my family. I always had an intense curiosity to understand the meaning of wishes, but I had never supposed this someday I would become an aspiration expert.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, I stumbled upon psychotherapy. I also discovered a different dimension in the dream emails because all dreams usually are produced by the divine spontaneous mind. The unconscious imagination is God’s mind.

That scientific discovery was made using Carl Jung, but he/she didn’t have a religious approach before God’s wisdom. I put a religious attitude, understanding that I could obey the divine direction in dreams, and never complete what my ignorance and evil conscience desired.

In my opinion, it was obvious that I really should be grateful for being able to recognize God’s guidance, even though I became a terrible sinner. The fact that I became a terrible sinner was noticeable too. I was ready to throw away adultery (in 1988, as I became a dream expert) mainly because I was in love with an engaged-to-be married man, my partner’s best customer. Only because Jesus helped me understand the meaning connected with dreams and I was obeying the unconscious guidance, may I save my self-worth and sanity in the condition I was in.

God showed me that He was allowing me to find sound emotional health even though I failed to deserve this grace due to the fact He was showing mercy to the people who would be the victims regarding my absurdity. I was constantly angry because I was a tremendously impatient monster and because I had made many mistakes according to my absurd ideas.

I had developed a respect for my meaningful principles, and I remember the faith-based lessons I had when I researched in a Catholic school in Brazil by entering into exposure to the Catholic Church regarding Athens. I started following various seminars given by priests, besides going to church every Sunday.

I also became a health care provider and started saving other folks through dream therapy with no payment, besides helping them in many other ways since they had numerous problems. (I had a store with our mother and typical customers. This is why I could end up being generous with my individuals. ) The fact that they had almost no time for psychotherapy obliged me to simplify the method regarding dream interpretation discovered simply by Carl Jung.

His technique is too time-consuming. Nobody got the patience to wait for that interpretation of their dreams the very next day or the next month. I had to be able to translate all aspirations immediately, and without writing these down, just by talking together with my patients, personally or perhaps by phone.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is superior but too complicated. This method helped me discover mental facts that nobody is aware of, but that is real in addition to dangerous.

Thanks to the perception of the unconscious mind, this produces our dreams. My partner and I learned how to prevent craziness, which will help those who have psychological problems remedy these problems before having a new nervous crisis like Arnold. I also learned how to guide those who have already lost all their human conscience (like my very own friend) to recuperate their misplaced conscience.

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