Choosing the Right Toilet Partition


Selecting an ideal restroom partition can make a real difference. Your decision should depend on factors such as space availability, anticipated traffic levels, and any regulations such as ADA compliance or health code requirements. What do you need to consider about vách ngăn compact

Powder-coated steel partitions strike an economical balance between durability and affordability. They feature honeycomb cardboard cores inside textured sheet metal coated with a pigment powder overlay for aesthetics and protection from dents, scratches, graffiti, or moisture damage.

ASI Accurate

ASI Accurate toilet partitions meet all of the stringent restroom environment demands with ease, including vandalism resistance and superior durability. Furthermore, they can be customized in color to complement the interior decor of any facility. Facilities looking to match specific color schemes or complete unique projects with custom hues will find thermoset hybrid powder coating an excellent way of doing just that. Galvannealed steel partitions coated with thermoset hybrid powder coating offer protection from wear and corrosion. These durable storage compartments feature non-porous finishes that can easily be cleaned and wiped down for quick cleanups, with their factory-drilled doors making installation of occupancy indicators simple. Furthermore, its wrap-around mounting and through bolting provide excellent vandal resistance; emergency access slots facilitate quick entry/exit while continuous stops reduce sightlines into compartments; the hinge side filler and routed, overlapped closures also help minimize wear-and-tear.

304 stainless steel Easy-Stall shoes make installation and leveling adjustments quick and simple. ASI’s special driver installs fasteners that virtually prevent unintended removal. Furthermore, ASI partitions now include their new Integrated Privacy System to cover occupancy indicators in panels, pilasters, doors, or hidden behind panels or pilasters for privacy.

Plastic Laminate partitions offer an easily cleanable surface that’s resistant to most cleaning agents and won’t absorb moisture, mildew, or odors. With four mounting styles to choose from, Moisture Guard edge banding fuses directly with the substrate for seamless bottom edges in standard laminate partitions, while Solid Plastic and Black-Core Phenolic partitions feature resin-impregnated Kraft paper cores that bond to face sheets using high-temperature and pressure bonding processes, creating strong, long-term units.


Hadrian is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing durable restroom partitions that are both long-lasting and resilient. They boast class B fire ratings and extensive warranties to back them up. Their solid plastic material does not contain air pockets or foaming agents that could weaken its structure, making it the ideal choice for high-traffic environments. Furthermore, Hadrian displays its commitment to environmental sustainability with low energy usage and zero solvent emissions.

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Hadrian’s Elite Series features a privacy-first design that eliminates sightline gaps around partitions to protect occupants from unwelcome interruptions. Doors and panels stand at an impressive height of 64 inches (1626 millimeters), providing ample privacy without compromising accessibility. Furthermore, Hadrian’s stainless steel options provide contemporary gleam and corrosion resistance, which makes them suitable for various washroom designs; furthermore, their graffiti resistance allows commercial graffiti removers to effectively eliminate vandalism without harming surfaces.

One Point Partitions

One Point Partitions offers a selection of toilet partition styles and materials to meet every need, including powder-coated steel, plastic laminate partitions, solid plastic partitions, and stainless steel options. Each material offers distinct advantages for particular environments. Powder-coated steel offers protection from corrosion, while plastic laminate offers flexibility with its wide selection of colors. Solid plastic partitions feature at least an inch of solid plastic throughout them to offer added longevity while remaining corrosion, mold, and graffiti-proof.

Phenolic black core partitions are another popular option. Made up of multiple layers of paper pressed tightly together and then immersed in a resin coating to harden, these partitions prevent dirt or mold from breaking them apart and are highly durable, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Stainless steel partitions are an elegant choice for hotels and office buildings looking to impress guests with an upscale atmosphere. They are available in various finishes and are resistant to rusting, corrosion, and tampering. However, they tend to be more costly than their alternatives.