Commercial and Residential Landscape Services Near Me in Fremont CA


Landscapers help homeowners transform their outdoor spaces through plants and architecture. They also maintain and repair patios, walkways, and decks. How to find the landscaping Fremont?

Local lawn care services understand your region’s climate, soil composition, and pest populations well, providing accurate timing estimates for critical treatments like weed control and fertilization.

Koch & Associates

Koch & Associates provides commercial landscape services, including landscaping, tree pruning, and planting, as well as weed control, water management, and fertilization. Their team can also create walkways and patios. Ultimately, their professionals offer design, installation, and maintenance services for office buildings, hospitals, retail centers, and public areas.

Local lawn service providers understand their area’s climate, soil type, and pests well and are experienced at scheduling key treatments such as aeration and weed control.

Dutra Landscape & Gardening was established in 2007 and quickly earned recognition for its prompt estimates and expertise in landscaping, flowerbed weeding, shrub trimming, and more. They boast two employees who provide services that include these aspects.

Sunrise Landscape And Design

Sunrise Landscape And Design is a full-service design-build and maintenance firm offering professional lawn mowing, fertilizer programs, edging, weeding, mulching, aeration, planting pruning services, irrigation, and gutter cleaning. It has been operating for over 30 years and has the license and insurance credentials to back it up.

This company, located in Lodi, CA, and operating within the Construction industry, belongs to an Assigned Risk pool with workers’ compensation insurance and provides free quotes at very competitive prices. Clients have described them as knowledgeable and professional—all hallmarks of excellence for any successful business! Founded 16 years ago, they specialize in landscaping work such as flowerbed weeding and hedge trimming.

Dutra Landscape & Gardening

Landscape contractors specialize in both hardscaping and softscaping installations. This includes garden design and maintenance, tree removal, lawn care services, and plant care services. Landscaping not only adds value to your property but creates a distinct aesthetic. Furthermore, landscaping provides relaxing spaces for visitors or customers.

Jesse Dutra’s passion for landscaping and creating waterscapes led him to form his own company, Dutra Designs. Now, Emily Dutra is his partner.

Since 2007, Evergreen Landcare Inc. has provided landscaping services for Fremont residents. Their skilled service professionals specialize in lawn maintenance, flowerbed weeding, and shrub trimming. Past clients often laud them for their knowledge and timely estimates.

Evergreen Landcare Inc

Evergreen Landcare Inc. of Fremont offers reliable lawn and landscape services. Their quality work and quick estimates have earned them praise from customers. They specialize in flowerbed installation and bush trimming and have received several rave reviews from past clients who praise them as knowledgeable and courteous professionals.

Koch & Associates, owned and managed by George Dobbs, have been serving Fremont residents since 2009. Boasting 16 years of experience, they provide landscaping, sod installation, and shrub trimming services – offering free estimates while being highly rated in terms of customer service.

Primo Plantscape Inc

Primo Plantscape Inc. believes every property provides endless opportunities for creating stunning landscapes. They work closely with clients to find an aesthetic that best meets their preferences and budget. They also install automatic sprinkler systems to conserve water while evenly disbursing it across lawn and garden spaces.

Dutra Landscape & Gardening has been operating for 16 years and is well known for its expert landscaping work. Their services include yard maintenance, flowerbed weeding, and shrub care—with quick estimates and friendly customer service to boot! Dutra is a family-owned business with two service professionals on staff.

Mozaic Landscape Design

Landscape architecture involves designing a property’s outdoor elements, from plants and trees to grading changes and walkways. Landscape architects typically have backgrounds in horticulture or soil science and use computer-aided design software to produce plans and drawings of their projects.

Primo Plantscape Inc., located in Fremont, offers landscaping work, including lawn maintenance and flowerbed installation. They also specialize in bush trimming and landscape construction services. Friendly employees offer fast estimates.

Landscape architects nearby can help transform your yard into a space that fits both your lifestyle and that of its environment. They will collaborate with you to determine the budget and goals before providing visual representations of their designs.

Rodriguez Tree Service

Landscape contractors specialize in implementing plans created by architects or designers for landscaping lawns, gardens, and hardscaping projects in California. Furthermore, their knowledge of California’s climate allows them to select plants that will thrive in its climate conditions.

Koch & Associates Landscape Service of Fremont provides residential and commercial property owners in Fremont with landscaping services, such as flowerbed weeding and shrub trimming. Their team is known for its professionalism and friendly service; in fact, they’re certified by the state of California, bonded, insured, and bonded again if needed! Additionally, they can assist with soil care and lawn aeration, too!

Cal Tree Care

Residential lawn care companies offer more than mowing when it comes to keeping your landscape healthy. They offer treatments such as fertilization, weed control, and insect prevention. Their professionals will get to know the environment around your lawn in terms of climate conditions, soil types, and joint problems and then suggest scheduling critical treatments during the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.

Fremont City programs help cover costs associated with street tree pruning, removal, and replacement; repairs caused by trees; free reforestation grants to help residents plant new trees; and its over 60 parks offering recreational activities and services.

New Sky Tree Service Inc

Trees add beauty and value to a landscape, offering curb appeal, reducing soil erosion risk, lowering property insurance rates, and potentially increasing property values. But keeping trees healthy requires ongoing pruning and care from professional arborists.

New Sky Tree Service Inc. provides an array of services, from stump grinding and land clearing to the removal of dead or unhealthy trees and trimming invasive branches. They specialize in pruning large perennials and shrubs.

Tree trimming services also assist clients with local tree trimming regulations and permit application processes, depending on their location. Some permits may also require mitigation measures like planting new trees.