DIY Guide to Constructing a Shed for Extra Storage


Suppose you’ve evaluated your shed requirements, property, and budget. In that case, you might decide that the essential eight-by-10-foot, adaptable, multipurpose storage shed is what you need to secure your outdoor belongings. You can build this storage shed style in approximately eight days, and it will outlive any metal shed you buy to store bikes, tools, or garden equipment. Shelving, bins, and racks can all be added later, according to personal preference.

No. 3 construction grade 1×10 pine shiplap planks are used for the vertical sheathing of the shed. If you can’t find it, you can use no.3 1×10 shiplap cedar, which is more rot-resistant and expensive. The same materials used to construct most homes in the United States can also be used to construct a shed: 1×8 tongue-and-groove cedar, texture no.111 plywood, or 1/2-inch CDX plywood. When you have more time, shingle the external walls.

Five packages of asphalt shingles are needed to cover the shed roof. Cedar shingles will cost you three times as much and take twice as long to install. Cedar shingles, which can be installed over asphalt ones, have a lifespan of 15-30 years and are another viable choice.

To get started, choose a good spot for your shed. Consider whether you want the shed to be close to the house for convenience’d rather have it in a more remote location. Before constructing the shed, measure the available space on your property. Your available area will dictate the maximum shed size.

Make a basic sketch of the shed, noting its intended use and dimensions. You can have your storage shed designs drawn up for you if you take a sketch and some measurements to any hardware store. In addition, they will provide you with a list of everything you’ll need to construct your shed.

Place your order with the lumberyard and specify to the salesperson where you would like the lumber dumped. Designate a space (like the end of your driveway) that is close to the construction site and can be easily reached by the delivery truck. The lumber must be kept off the floor. Lumber that is abandoned on the ground will rot and attract termites. Lumber does not require protection from the elements.

Choose between a concrete slab-type base and a wooden plank floor for sheds no more significant than 8×10 feet. A solid, level, square foundation is required before the shed is constructed. The shed will be unsafe and unusable if this is not included.

After the ground has been leveled, a floor frame measuring exactly eight by 10 feet should be nailed together to guide where to build the foundation. Don’t assume the lumber you bought is the correct length. Lumber mills frequently leave an end with some extra length for customers to cut off. The frame’s squareness can be evaluated by placing a single 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood in a corner and tacking it into place. Put the shed’s frame on the ground in its final location temporarily.

You can move on to the walls when you’re finished creating the floors. Gather the supplies you’ll need and set them away. The walls should be put together on the ground, then lifted upright and fastened to the floor joists.

After you finish the walls, you can go on to the trusses for the roof. Construct one truss and use it as a guide to construct the rest; next, nail the shingles to the trusses. To further protect your storage shed from water damage, attach an aluminum drip edge to the gable end of the roof and an aluminum eave drip edge to the eave end.

Remember that the finishing touches on your shed are just as vital as the rest. The last touch makes your 8′ x 10′ shed appear like a million bucks. Finally, protect the wood from weather and decay by applying a finish of your choice, whether that’s varnish, stain, paint, or something else.

The end has come at last! Sit back and take in the sight of your finished 8×10 shed. Who knew you could construct a lovely and solid shed that would make a professional builder beam with pride?

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