Exactly why 97% of People Fail on Network Marketing (and What You Can Do To be seated in The Other 3%)


Let me begin by saying that I hate studies and percentages because they are usually manipulated and massaged to help pretty much show whatever report the author wants you to find. Honestly, I have no idea if your success/failure rate in Internet marketing is actually 97% – 3% even though it seems to be the most popular figure floating around.

Add to that the belief that the definition of success in addition to failure in Network Marketing is not actually clearly defined and I trust it often comes down to each person’s perspective anyway.

For instance, a single person may view success seeing that earning an extra $500 every month so their car monthly payment is covered while some other person is looking to hit $1, 000 per day so they can quit all their job and live the of their dreams – in their mind, anything less is a malfunction.

With that said, I personally like to create more “common sense” ways to evaluate things like this in addition to logic, experience, shows me that there are a heck of a lot more people earning less in Network Marketing than decide to make enough to sustain any life, let alone a lifestyle. (Maybe even 97%-3%. )

As opposed to saying “finding success” Items change that to “making a lot of money” (again an extremely arbitrary term) and setting up a lot of money in Network Marketing change – no matter what the compensation design your business uses.

The overriding question becomes, why is presently their such disparity? Why achieve this task few reap the largest rewards while the masses are kept with the withering pieces?

The answer then is actually quite simple.

This is precisely how the world works.

I know that is not really profound and I was in no way trying to suggest that our, your, or anyone else’s level of success is established or fated.

In fact, I had argued strongly against that will.

What I am talking about is only the fact that if you look at just about anything these days and evaluate a success/failure ratio, you are going to find that much more people fail than carry out success.

You can look at any business structure whether it is brick-and-mortar or on the internet and you’ll find similarities.

You can look at other stuff that people are trying to accomplish as well as the same holds true there also.

For instance, let’s look at physical fitness.

There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of people who have clubs to fitness clubs, gymnasiums, YMCA, dojos, etc . and have absolutely purchased fitness DVDs or perhaps CDs or running shoes (with the intention of jogging for exercise).

The vast majority of the individuals are not fit – Yet why?

First off, I’d suppose (again, common sense and practical experience tell me) that fewer of those people will actually work with whatever fitness medium many people decided was going to be the suitable vehicle to finally make them fit.

Yes, I am telling that less than half the people having gym memberships will actually display bursting with gym regularly; less than half the individuals who bought P90X, Insanity workout, or the latest-greatest Yoga DISC will actually use it; and less in comparison with half the people who got running shoes will actually go managing with any regularity.

It can be so easy to have great goals to start but the sad truth is, for most people the rubber certainly does not ends up meeting the road.

Therefore, right off the bat, we are at an enormous disadvantage.

But what about all of the people who actually do make it routinely? Do they all “succeed? very well


Yes, kudos directly to them for showing up BUT in which and a dollar will purchase for them a cup of coffee (albeit affordable coffee).

Unless you want to be during my kids’ rec soccer software and get a participation honor (I hate them furthermore – please don’t get us started) for just showing up, you aren’t going to get a damn issue by just being there.

Living with the motions ain’t about to get it done!

You’ve got to do the job.

I used to be a gym rat and it would piss us off when I had to hold out to use a piece of equipment because a number of fitness wannabe would be present yacking away with their chunky buddy, working out nothing more than their very own jaw muscles, complaining about the direction they aren’t seeing any results.

No matter if they did use the equipment, there was NO effort being employed. They weren’t working; we were holding going through the motions.

I’d personally hear things like, “I visit this page four days a week for an hour-and-a-half a day and I haven’t lost any weight. Wah, wah, wah. ”

ZERO Sh*t Sherlock! You haven’t done a damn issue to warrant any results. ARGH!

If you want to get fit – the actual damn work!

Network Marketing isn’t any different.

I see it all the time.

Network Marketing is great because you can take up a full-blown business for this sort of small financial investment. The idea affords everyone the same option.

But there’s a huge issue with that.

It’s too simple to make the decision to jump within.

That means it’s also too simple to stop, to not be spent, and to be complacent.

When there was a higher price tag to begin a Network Marketing business then you might see those “success” prices skyrocket.

Not because anything at all had changed regarding the company or how easy or even difficult being “successful” in this business is but since it would weed out all those dressers, wannabes, and tire-kickers.

Your own Network Marketing business is a MILLION DOLLAR company and it should be treated as you!

If you want to join the rates of “The 3%” after that just make a decision to do so as well as go get your piece of the actual pie.

Work for it.

Multilevel marketing is a simple business – a minimum of every Network Marketing business that I possess ever seen (and I have seen more than a few).

HOWEVER – simple and easy are different terms.

You still have to work.

Don’t for just one second think that you can show upward, spread out your arms as well as declare, “Okay, I’m right here… give me my money! inch

It doesn’t work like that (even though most Network Marketers appear to think it does).

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