How Professional Bettors Think About Horse Races


This is the last piece in a series on betting on horse racing, and in it, I discuss why it’s crucial to think like a pro if you want to win. So how do we adopt that mentality, and what exactly is it? Check out the Best info about 토토사이트.

Adopting the winning mentality or mindset of the Betting Pro is difficult daily. Still, it is essential if you want to succeed at horse racing betting and, more importantly, if you’ll make a living at it.

This is the most critical factor that differentiates the top 1% of elite betting pros from the rest of the “punter” and “gambler” crowd who hope to make money betting on horses.

Where do we stand in terms of our “frame of mind?”

Bettors can be taught the fundamentals of the sport, including how to manage their money, determine appropriate wager sizes, interpret form guides, and pick winners. All of this is teachable.

Of course, we all have different thresholds for risk, amounts of money we can afford to lose, time horizons, and the resolve to stick to our principles. What I mean by the term “mindset” is the individual’s unique personality traits.

Even if we all acquire the same knowledge, we will each use it in our unique way. I am aware of this due to the feedback of my subscribers and members. Therefore, even if I teach the same basic skills to thirty people and give them all the same options, I will get thirty different results in return.

How, then, do we alter our way of thinking?

How do professionals and amateurs think differently?

The first step is to examine the mindset of the Betting Pro and identify its distinguishing features.

One of the most striking characteristics of successful bettors is their ability to make and stick to firm decisions, unlike the average punter, who tends to waffle and switch betting systems at the drop of a hat.

They are patient because they know that profits are made over many months and races rather than just one. In contrast, most gamblers have a short-sighted mindset that leads them to chase their losses if they place a losing wager.

Detached from his emotions, the Betting Pro is confident that he will continue to profit month after month because he has learned to manage his finances properly. However, a bettor with poor money management skills will worry about very wager, increasing the stakes in an attempt to profit while increasing the likelihood of further losses.

Disciplined — the Betting Pro always places wagers after careful consideration and analysis, knowing that each bet maximizes his chances of winning. He has confidence in the long-term success of his choices. The punter always takes a chance when they choose options without more information than a gut feeling or secondhand information.

The pro always has a firm grasp on the amount of money at stake and the reasoning behind it. He will never risk more than he can afford to lose. The bettor has an emotional investment in the game because they will use scarce resources (money) to place a wager.

The professional gambler or bettor doesn’t need to be the one jumping for joy or sobbing his way home from the track when his horse wins or loses; he can leave that to the emotional punters and gamblers. Instead, an expert anticipates future success and is prepared for it.

One helpful piece of advice is to take some time to reflect on one’s abilities and shortcomings. To win at gambling, you need to develop winning routines and behaviors.

Practiced Self-Control

You need incredible self-control and perseverance to follow your “betting strategy.” This is simple when money is coming in, and you’re riding a winning streak, but what do you do when you hit a long “losing run”? A losing streak lasts for a week, even though you know you picked the best horse in the race based on your analysis of the form. At this point, only a pro with self-control and confidence in his skills will succeed.

It’s true that the longer you bet, the simpler it becomes, not just because of all the knowledge you’ve amassed but also because of all the ups and downs you’ve seen. Having experienced success, you are confident in your ability to endure adversity in the future.

To sum up

Yes, there will be some “jet set” lifestyle elements throughout the year and at the major meetings, but I think you’re starting to see that a pro bettor’s life is not what you might expect. On the other hand, the pro is constantly grinding it out, honing his betting strategy, and slowly but surely increasing his bankroll, stakes, and overall income.

There will be many days where he breaks even or loses money before the big days. While you might only have four or five of these days all month that bring in 90% of your profits, it is how you handle the other days that will determine whether you become a winner or a disillusioned punter.

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