How to Build a Strong Network of Local Asphalt Companies


Local contractors and suppliers that specialize in asphalt installation and repair offer homeowners many advantages, including safety considerations, financial incentives like discounts and warranties, and help keep money within the community. Select the best Lancaster Asphalt Paving.

Reputation is everything for any business, and that includes the paving industry. Online trolls and unavoidable problems with projects can have lasting repercussions for any firm’s reputation.

Do Your Research

Selecting an asphalt contractor can make all the difference in your paving project. Arming yourself with enough information will allow you to avoid costly surprises and finish on time. Knowing average costs in your area and choosing a contractor with experience working within budget constraints are critical elements in choosing a successful paving project. Don’t forget to ask about their knowledge of local regulations and permits required for paving projects, too!

When selecting a contractor, it is also essential that they possess extensive asphalt work experience. While general contractors may have the knowledge and skills to complete your paving project, specialized asphalt paving contractors have an in-depth understanding of any challenges specific to your type of paving job.

When hiring contractors, it is always recommended that you ask potential candidates for references and samples of past work they’ve completed so you can assess their workmanship and attention to detail. Furthermore, always verify if they are insured and licensed in your region, as this provides added protection as a homeowner and recourse should anything go amiss during the job.

Your contractor should also communicate effectively and professionally. They should be able to answer your queries and offer clear estimates before beginning work on any projects.

Get Referrals

Reputation is of utmost importance in the paving business, so building strong relationships with local contractors, landscapers, and architects who can refer clients your way is essential for growth.

As soon as your website is optimized with relevant keywords to assist potential customers in searching, list your services with Google’s Local Services ads (a pay-per-lead ad that appears at the top of search engine result pages).

Offline, leverage word-of-mouth marketing to your advantage. Ask satisfied customers if they know anyone in need of excavating and paving services; give them plenty of your business cards for them to share with their contacts; and leave flyers at places like homeowner’s associations, neighborhood watch programs, and city hall.

Postcards can be an effective marketing tool when printed with special offers or coupons, mainly when they include eye-catching graphics and colorful designs that stand out. Make your postcard stand out by employing creative designs with colorful graphics and including your phone number or website address. To further maximize their effect, you could also send them directly to businesses that allow tack-ups, such as restaurants or hair salons.

Offer a Free Consultation

One effective way to demonstrate your expertise to potential customers is by offering free consultations. This gives you an opportunity to discuss their paving project in greater detail, answer their questions, and offer suggestions. It also gives them a firsthand view of your work, increasing the chance they’ll hire you!

Getting multiple quotes and reading online reviews before selecting an asphalt contractor can be helpful when making an important decision. A reputable company should have no problem sharing customer testimonials and providing references upon request; additionally, any such contractor should be licensed and insured according to local requirements.

Be wary of contractors that approach homeowners on the street to solicit business. Typically, they will claim they have some leftover asphalt from another job and offer sealcoating at a highly competitive price – this is a widespread scam, and it is essential that when selecting an asphalt contractor, it be done with great caution.

The above ten tips will assist in selecting and working with an asphalt company that best suits your needs. By adhering to these guidelines, your project can be completed on schedule using only top-quality materials available.

Advertise Locally

Referral programs can be one of the best ways to expand local customer bases. Pick an incentive like a discount, free product, or gift card that will encourage locals to share positive experiences about your business with their peers, and you’re set. Share this offer via websites, social media pages, and email campaigns to drive new customers your way! Using BrightLocal as a marketing software platform can also help manage and monitor listings online to enhance local customer visibility online.

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