How to Feel More Connected to Your Partner


When you are in a relationship, it is important to stay connected (and feel connected) to your partner. If a connection is lost, then a relationship will fail. So, how can you keep that connection going, and more importantly, how can you strengthen it?

Show a Deeper Understanding of Each Other

Your relationship with your partner may look different now from when it first began. However, you don’t have to see this as negative. As your relationship grows, so do you as people and individuals – and when you grow and show a deeper understanding of each other, you can look at your relationship differently.

Seeing things differently and even understanding what makes your partner tick is vital for improving the connection you share. You and your partner will grow, and you will change as your relationship progresses in terms of what you desire; however, maintaining a deeper understanding of each other and respecting boundaries and wishes is important.

Be Open and Indulge in Your Fantasies

You can sometimes feel disconnected from your partner if you are closed off. Changing can be difficult, but little by little over time, you can achieve change, open up more, and share what you want and need – and this can include the fantasies you hold too. You and your partner may have fantasies that you might wish to act out, but when you are not open, they can seem too far-fetched and impossible to even talk about, never mind achieving.

To make indulging in your fantasies a little easier, you might want to consider using sex aids, toys, and outfits for role play. Adult stores like are ideal for browsing these kinds of exciting goods; you can find a wide range of sex toys, outfits, and lingerie that will help you and your partner indulge in your fantasies and spice up your sex lives, the latter of which is the key to keeping a relationship fresh, exciting, and passionate in the long run.

Time for Yourself

Focusing on building and growing a connection with your partner is important, but you must also remember to focus on yourself as well. Making time for yourself in a relationship is a necessity; if you are not giving yourself any valuable ‘me time,’ you may end up feeling burnt out.

Of course, this is not good for your relationship nor healthy connections with your partner, and it may even lead to resentment – everyone needs a break and time to themselves, after all. Even just taking a few minutes here and there within any given day can help and ensure that you are focusing on your own needs and wants – just as much as your partners.

Show Appreciation

How often do you show appreciation for your partner and your relationship? When relationships first start, you are grateful for what each of you brings to the fledgling relationship. However, as time passes and attention shifts focus, you might learn to forget how to appreciate one another.

Taking time out and building that mutual appreciation for each other and for the relationship as a whole is incredibly important for keeping your love alive. When you show appreciation for each other as you did in the beginning during that sweet honeymoon phase, you will then feel much more connected, which will keep your relationship and love for one another strong and proud for many years to come.

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