How To Maintain Your Car On A Road trip


There are sights to see, great roads to drive on, places you love, and even more places you haven’t visited yet. In any case, you must pack your belongings and hit the road.

It’s time for a road trip.

However, if you can’t rely on your car, all of your planning will stand to be ruined. A breakdown of your day-to-day commute is one thing, but what if your car breaks down miles outside of town? Car maintenance is essential all year, but especially before a road trip.

Taking the time to perform some simple routine maintenance on your car before embarking on a road trip to ensure that your vehicle is in top shape and ready to transport you safely to and from your destination will give you peace of mind and save you money on repair bills. Some of the equipment required to carry out these safety tips come in packs making it easier to purchase and install. An all-time favorite you can get online is the Land Rover Defender accessories.

We compiled a quick car checklist for your next road trip, so you don’t have to! Instead, here are some of our top car maintenance tips that everyone should follow before embarking on a summer road trip!

Check Your Brakes

Nothing in your car is more important than the brakes. Whether you’re staying close to home or taking a long road trip this summer, you’ll want to make sure your car’s brakes are always in good working order. Whether replacing worn brake pads or scraping rust off the brakes, it is critical for your safety to keep your brakes in good working order. Replacement brake pads are not costly, and no one wants to have their brakes fail when they are most needed. So checking and servicing your car’s brakes is by far the most important thing you can do before embarking on a cross-country trip.

Check and clean your car’s headlights

Headlights are critical for maintaining your safety while driving during the day and night. First, check your headlights to ensure they are working correctly. Then, replace any burned-out or dimming bulbs and clean your headlights by wiping off the plastic covers. You’ll see a difference in light beam brightness and strength. It is critical to see clearly and consistently at night, which can be helpful when driving in an unfamiliar area.

Examine Your Tires

When we say “check your tires,” we mean various things. To begin, remove your winter tires and replace them with a dependable pair of all-seasons. Next, inspect the tire tread. If your tread is decreasing, you may want to consider purchasing a new set before embarking on a long road trip. Also, check your tires for nicks and punctures as well. Pay attention to how much air is in those tires! Finally, maintain your tire pressure at the recommended level for your vehicle. All of these checks will help ensure that you are traveling on safe and reliable tires throughout your trip.

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Have An Emergency Kit At Hand

Every driver should always have an emergency kit in their vehicle. When going on a long road trip, it is essential to have an emergency kit with you. The longer you stay away and farther away you are from home, the more critical an emergency kit becomes. You must have an emergency kit in preparation for occasions when your car breaks down or is involved in an accident. A basic emergency kit should include a flashlight, waterproof matches, a whistle, Band-Aids, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, iodine, duct tape, candles or flares, and a multifunction knife are all recommended by the Red Cross.

For the sake of your road trip, include extra blankets, bottled water, non-perishable food items, and safety pins. If the unexpected happens, you’ll want to be prepared with everything you might need to take care of yourself and those around you.

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Replace Old Engine Oil

As with car batteries, most of us are guilty of ignoring the oil in our car engine. However, when the oil in our vehicle becomes old and dirty, our vehicle ceases to function correctly. If the oil burns off and the level falls too low, you risk damaging your car engine and ruining your trip. So, check that you have the correct amount of oil in your engine, that the oil is clean, and the oil filter is looking new. It’s a simple fix that will improve your car’s performance as it travels down the highway.

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Refill All of Your Vehicle’s Fluids

Engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and radiator water are all critical to the overall performance of your vehicle. If any of the above items are low, missing, or haven’t been replaced in a long time, they can quickly derail your carefully planned road trip. So bring your car to top shape by having your fluids inspected and topped off before you leave for your trip. It is relatively inexpensive to top off your vehicle’s fluids, and having your fluids at the proper levels will keep your car running smoothly.


If you’re going to be having all your fun in one vehicle for an extended period of time, make it a pleasant experience to have in the first place.

It’s no secret that car maintenance can be a chore, but it’s nothing compared to having an adventure ruined by a preventable problem. On a road trip, your car works hard, so give it what it needs to keep going.