How to Ship Overseas by Boat – International Shipping to Denmark


This country in Northern Europe, once known as the Kingdom of Denmark, has an area of more than 16,000 square miles and a population of almost 5.6 million. About 1.2 million people call the Danish capital city of Copenhagen home.

This Scandinavian nation, famous for its Viking heritage, is ruled by a monarchy. According to the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Denmark is consistently listed as one of the world’s happiest countries.

Zealand and Funen are the largest of more than 400 islands in Denmark.

Denmark has dozens of ports that can be used for shipping purposes. The Port of Copenhagen is the country’s busiest and most important seaport. The ports of Esbjerg, Aalborg, Faaborg Havn, and Odens are all important shipping hubs in Denmark.

Shipping Goods to Denmark: What You Need to Know About VAT, Duties, and Customs

It is necessary to have specific paperwork to clear customs while sending freight to Denmark.

Your purchases must be suitable for everyday usage in a typical Danish household to qualify for duty-free shipment. Invoices are necessary for brand-new purchases, and taxes may apply. Please be aware that custom taxes and VAT must be paid on all new items imported outside the European Union.

If you have lived outside the European Union for at least a year, you can bring used household goods and personal items duty-free to Denmark. In addition, you need to have had your possessions for at least six months.

Upon your shipment’s arrival in Denmark, customs clearance will be processed. Remember that a bonded warehouse is usually not an option for storing your items.

If you are a foreign diplomat traveling to Denmark, your Embassy will usually receive a visa waiving your entry fees.

Do you want to marry soon and ship your wedding luggage to Denmark? You and your partner should both sign the declaration of goods. In addition, you should prepare to present your marriage license. Your shipment must be valued at less than or equal to ECU 1,000 and be home goods to be shipped duty-free.

A death certificate, a copy of the will or a declaration issued with approval from the attorney handling the deceased person’s estate, and a signed inheritance certificate are all required to import inherited cargo into Denmark.

If transporting artwork or antiquities to Denmark, you must specify whether they’re for residential or commercial use. If you are transporting antiques to Denmark for business, you must include the original invoice and a certificate verifying that the items are 100 years old. Your antique may be eligible for duty-free shipment, but you can anticipate paying a VAT of 25% anyway.

Work destined for an art exhibition in Denmark may be temporarily admitted into the nation at no cost to the shipper. However, before arranging international cargo shipping, it is advised that you get in touch with a local representative for assistance.

Are you thinking about sending some booze to Denmark? A bill of sale and a certificate of provenance are required. Duties, taxes, and value-added tax (VAT) must also be paid. The number of bottles you can bring into the country as personal effects is restricted.

Please be aware that spirits in removal are frequently not advised due to expensive taxes and stringent monitoring by import officials.

Transport of Automobiles to Denmark

Have your vehicle’s registration certificate on hand if you ship a car or motorcycle to Denmark.

If you have owned and driven your vehicle outside of Denmark, you may be able to transport it there duty-free.

Shipping a car to Denmark also necessitates the completion of a few crucial pieces of paperwork. If you want to know the ins and outs of shipping a car to Denmark, you should contact a local agent.

Danmark’s Shipping Restrictions and Prohibitions

When shipping to Denmark, there are some things you can’t do and some you can’t send.

Some prohibited items for shipment to Denmark include:

Tobacco: an invoice and a proof of origin certificate are required. Remember that you’ll also have to fork over cash for taxes, duty, and value-added sales taxes on tobacco products.

The Danish Ministry of Justice requires specific import authorization for any firearms, ammunition, or dangerous goods brought into the country. The Danish police department is responsible for issuing these. A firearms license is also required.

• Unless they’re coming from Scandinavia, plants can’t enter the country without a certificate verifying that they’re disease-free. This certificate must accompany plants provided by the appropriate authorities in the land of departure. The Danish Governmental Plant Protection Service also requires you to obtain a license.

The following items are among those that cannot be shipped to Denmark:

Drugs of Abuse

– Bullion Forms of Gold and Silver

A Pet’s Guide to Denmark

With the proper paperwork, you can bring your cat or dog to Denmark if you are relocating or returning after an absence.

A valid health certificate for your pet, issued within the past month, is required. A rabies vaccination certificate that is less than a year old is required. Bringing a dog or cat into the nation typically does not necessitate a period of quarantine. The Danish Veterinary Authorities require a special permit for any other animals. If you have any questions about bringing a pet to Denmark, contact the Danish Consulate.

If you’re exporting to Denmark or somewhere else internationally, hiring a reputable international sea shipping business can make the process considerably less stressful.

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