Learning to make Your Presentation More Interesting


2 pm and you’re coming on stage at an eventual seminar aimed at small business owners. There are indeed over 200 delegates along with they’ve had a great morning’s learning and a nice lunch break, and an opportunity to network. How will you walk on stage and grab their attention before slowly nodding away?

There’s no worse time for one to be presenting at any workshop – straight after lunchtime. Why should they come back into the main auditorium anyway and listen to you? Therefore, they should stop speaking with that exciting business owner these people met over lunch, which is exciting and relevant to them.

This is it, folks – it can be crunch time, and all that function you’ve put into preparing your presentation is about to pay off. Or even is it? Are you about to begin preaching to them or marketing something they don’t really like or don’t want, however? Are you going to turn all of them off at a stroke simply because you’ve got too many slides and too much information on them? Is the presentation just like all the other people you see and listen to when you’re in the audience?

If you wish to be remembered by the delegates, you’ve got to be different – through different, I don’t imply wacky or bizarre! I am talking about how your whole approach needs to be different.

Top Tip Best – Create a buzz for your presentation beforehand.

Have somebody hand out leaflets to delegates telling them they cannot miss the following presentation, which will be highly relevant to growing their businesses or developing independently. Tell them there’s a great provide for them for free or about half price or whatever – get them inside.

Create a Twitter #hashtag for the talk and tweet about this for weeks beforehand to delegate. Get the organizers to publicize it, too, within their pre-seminar marketing.

Just get people talking about it so that after they sit down to listen, they want to find out what all the fuss is mostly about. That means that you’ve got to deliver in that case, of course… so

Top Major Number 2 – Tell an account about yourself and others as an alternative to opening and promoting your services or products.

You’ve been asked to present because you have something specific and interesting to say to the delegates. Still, unless you are generally good at what you do, the best way to engage your audience is to spread out and tell them an account as part of your presentation. People buy from people they like in addition to knowing, and the best way to help their patients get to know you is to tell them about yourself.

I’m not talking here about the business of your credibility but instructions on your ‘marketing piece’ about why they should listen to or buy from you. Now I am talking here about what gives you a tick – what your drive is in business – why you work so many hours, instructions on who or what is exclusive to you – perhaps even an account about why you went into business. If you inspire those that have what you say – people will probably buy from you. Most people will be turned off if you promote your product instructions.

Central Top Number 3 instructions Don’t be afraid to tell the item how it is – you aren’t there to be liked by everyone.

If you try to get everyone to help like you – your appearance will be ‘middle of the road,’ bland, and potentially tedious. You’re not there to be preferred. You’re there to be challenging, relevant, alternative, perhaps, although never bland. Now in which difference between being Rizzo and thought-provoking, but keeping the guts to stand up and also say what you know is correct, even if it might offend some individuals, is the right thing to do.

If you know that will be overweight, for example, is clinically proven to increase the chances of tumors, diabetes, heart attacks, cerebrovascular events, and a whole host of other diseases, why can you hide this fact even though half your audience will be overweight? You might ‘offend’ these, but you might also get through in their eyes.

If you know that most businesses are unsuccessful because their owners don’t carry out enough of the right items, then say so: it’s true incidentally!

Don’t pretend things are effortless – most things require work, a plan, and plenty of effort.

Top Tip Amount 4 – Use video clips, pictures, and images instead of words and phrases in any slides you use

35mm slides replicating your expression are unnecessary and seriously dull. Videos, images, and photos relevant to your current talk keep the audience employed and interested.

Keep the number of slides short and unique, even to lessen them if you are engaging ample without them.

Top Tip Variety 5 – Offer valuation in advance

If you want to establish authority, offer your audience one thing of value to them for free instructions, perhaps by getting them to help text you before the stop of the day in return for a free book or a free product. Everyone who does get a free survey or ebook or an issue that is useful to them is far more likely to buy from you.

Top Word of advice Number 6 – Tend to try and sell your ‘BIG’ product on stage

Right now, not many people will commit £100s to buy something compared to you unless they’ve checked you out first – conceivably by buying something cheaper in addition to seeing what it’s including. If they like it – you may always upsell them in the future. Make a sale to get a customer market to that customer forever should

you deliver great value and service. A customer is worth something like 20 times what he or she may pay for the first product they will buy from you, so may push them into a spot and insist they choose the ‘biggie’ first. Offer them anything on stage that is related, useful, and with a great deal mounted on it. If they like it: they’ll come back for more: assuming you follow up, needless to say! Will you be following up not you?

Tim Savage, Enterprise Growth Advisor for the Entrepreneur’s Circle

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