Music Analytics Revolutionized: Viberate’s Affordable Approach to Spotify Analytics and More


In an industry that thrives on data, Viberate is striding forward by making music analytics affordable to every music professional. This music data company is introducing groundbreaking Spotify analytics, a detailed playlist analyzer, and more to promote inclusivity within the music business.

The hefty price tag on data services meant indie artists and labels were sidelined for far too long. Viberate is reshaping this narrative, emphasizing their raison d’être: “Crafting a more inclusive music business by offering high-quality data at an affordable rate for all professionals.” This commitment to inclusivity is evident in their massive price reduction, slashing their professional suite’s cost from $129 to $9.90 monthly.

Boasting an analysis of over 1M+ artists, Viberate uses music analytics to decode performances across streaming platforms, social media, and more, transforming raw data into insightful information. This aids in making astute business decisions. The platform is adept at providing analytics for various channels, including Spotify and TikTok. It curates data-infused charts and offers indispensable tools for talent discovery, ensuring every artist is well-represented.

Viberate explains its modus operandi succinctly: “Our objective is to map and evaluate the comprehensive music industry ecosystem – which includes artists, tracks, festivals, playlists, and labels. By converting streaming and social data into actionable insights, we empower professionals to discover new talent, monitor their roster, streamline promotional campaigns, and devise business reports efficiently.”

Among the plethora of features, Spotify analytics stands out. It provides a detailed assessment of every artist on Spotify, scrutinizing parameters like monthly listeners, followers, streams, and playlisting. It’s not just a glimpse but an exhaustive history of an artist’s journey on Spotify, coupled with daily insights. The ease with which one can analyze an artist’s songs under one umbrella, filter based on streams or release dates, and even playback is commendable. Moreover, a comprehensive breakdown, categorizing the artist’s monthly listeners by cities and countries, adds another layer of depth.

The playlist analyzer takes Spotify analytics a notch higher. Delving into the intricacies of an artist’s playlist performance, it collates information on playlist placements, spotlighting top-performing playlists and tracks. By overseeing playlist reach and the evolution of active playlists, professionals can discern the impact of specific releases. 

In its trove of features, Viberate presents a unique charting system of over 12M+ playlists, allowing users to locate the most compatible playlists tailored to an artist’s genre and career trajectory. The granularity of the filtering options is unparalleled. Filtering by genre, type, song’s popularity, release date, and even sorting by metrics such as follower count makes this a coveted tool for professionals. To illustrate, there are 372 Pop playlists curated by indie enthusiasts, boasting a minimum of 10,000 followers and featuring at least 30% of tracks released within the last quarter.

Viberate’s platform lets users ascertain an artist’s standing on Spotify by employing country, genre, and performance filters. A notable highlight is the Chart feature, heralded as a groundbreaking instrument for uncovering talent, facilitating quicker and more efficient artist scouting. Viberate’s platform lets you save and recall specific filtering preferences to add a cherry on top, ensuring your searches remain streamlined.

In music analytics, where the race is on to provide the best insights, Viberate’s offerings, especially in Spotify analytics and their robust playlist analyzer, set a new benchmark. Moreover, with Apple Music playlist analytics gaining traction, one can only anticipate Viberate’s next move in this domain. Viberate’s suite is worth a closer look for those vested in music analytics.

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