Nigerian News Papers


Nigeria boasts an extensive print media, featuring various publications with national reach. Some publications enjoy strong readership, while others focus more on regional interests. The Interesting Info about NewsNow Nigeria.

Studies of 10 Nigerian newspapers revealed a high frequency and lack of helpful suicide reporting cues. Nearly all articles mentioned suicide in their headline, yet a few offered details regarding methods or gave causal explanations for suicide cases.

The Daily Times

The Daily Times is an award-winning print and online news publication focusing on politics and current events. It features daily updates with subscriber-only stories, video and audio features, obituaries, legal notices, classified ads, and blogs and forums in its community section. Subscribers can access The Daily Times via mobile devices and tablets with 24/7 access to its obituary listings and legal notices while being provided access via RSS feeds. Owned by Folio Communications.

The Nation

English-language daily newspaper founded in 1984 that offers news, events, cartoons, education, business and sports features.

This paper investigates media coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria between February 2020 and April 2020 by analyzing content from four popular newspapers from February to April. The research examined frequency and depth of coverage, story format, sources used, and media tone; compared results with prior research on pandemic newspaper coverage; found Nigerian papers performed well at creating awareness, yet less so with reporting preventive measures.

The Guardian

The Guardian stands out with its unique style and, in 2005, won the Society of News Design award for its front page design. Since then, its staff has been involved with notable investigative journalism such as the Panama Papers and NSA leaks; editorials have often criticized Hugo Chavez and Jeremy Corbyn; in 2016, The Guardian supported remaining in the EU during a referendum vote.

C. P. Scott founded The Guardian newspaper in 1821, and today, its ownership lies within the Scott Trust. Additionally, this trust also owns Guardian Media Group as well as The Observer newspaper.

Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters is an online news source that publishes articles related to international and domestic events, offering ad space to businesses and organizations to promote their goods or services. Users may contact Sahara Reporters directly to learn about options and pricing structures.

The website is widely respected for its fearless investigative journalism that exposes corruption, human rights abuses, and government misconduct. With an emphasis on citizen participation and alternative perspectives, it has earned worldwide recognition and awards; though some may find its reporting controversial, supporters appreciate its dedication to transparency and good governance.

The Daily Trust

Media Trust Limited publishes The Daily Trust in Nigeria as an English-language daily newspaper, weekly and Sunday Trust newspapers, and pan-African magazine Kilimanjaro.

This paper uses quantitative content analysis to examine the prominence given to COVID-19 stories in The Daily Trust. As media attention can shape public reactions and decisions about individual preventive measures, this investigation focused on The Daily Trust’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The News Agency

The News Agency is a business that supplies stories for newspapers, radio broadcasters, and television networks. To do this, they operate through a network of zonal, regional, and district correspondents who report local events before reporting back via telephone, fax, or e-mail back to headquarters.

As agency reports are used by hundreds of subscribers worldwide, mistakes cannot be tolerated; one error could throw off the entire process and create havoc for subscribers. They, therefore, work against time; each minute counts towards their deadline.

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