Precisely what Else Can a Virtual assistants – VA – Carry out For Me?


I recently used a VA (virtual assistant) initially. I’m a writer and also a speaker on numerous issues, and I needed help buying my articles posted. Not published in the traditional sense, but having them put in “article banks” where these are picked up and re-published across the web in newsletters and other sites.

Not that I didn’t want to do it myself, but I lacked the time and concentration to keep at it consistently. Enter Karen Braschuk of Office Help support 911.

Karen organized my family with minimal unnecessary ado and got me noticed on the net in a hurry through numerous document submissions. So I thought Rankings explore other ways an ANAVA could help me and, during this process, perhaps help other “virtual workers” and “serial entrepreneurs” learn about the benefits of an ANOVA.

I’m going to do this by posturing a series of questions to Karen and asking her to share how she sees she can be of help and benefit. One example is:

Karen, I’m a small business that travels extensively. What can you complete for me?


In addition to controlling one’s travel arrangements, such as choosing flights, hotels, car a reservation, and itineraries, a personal assistant normally records this information in a very shared calendar, which both sides can access simultaneously (Google Calendar is excellent for this instructions and it’s free! ) Up-to-date information is available instantly in addition to scheduling problems are avoided.


For a business person, this is pretty much like being cloned! Consider how much more you can complete if you aren’t juggling your current phone and calendar. Giving your VA access to your current schedule frees up considerable time for thinking, writing, offering, or whatever else you do. When, as Karen suggests, you use Google Calendar and bring a Windows Smartphone (such as a Treo or certainly one of its cousins), I strongly suggest installing “GoodSync.” This no-cost utility synchronizes your current Google Calendar to your telephone.

Karen, I don’t have time and energy to screen all my calls and email – how could you assist me?


Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are stretched to the limit regarding their moment. There are many ways a virtual assistant can perform the same tasks as if they were physically inside the same office.

Telephone calls may be handled in several ways. Inward-bound calls to a regular series can be forwarded to the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT either with a special cellular phone set up for that purpose, any VoIP arrangement (Voice above Internet Protocol, which is this is the transmission of voice targeted traffic over the internet), or even into a fine business line placed in the VA’s office. When instructions have been given to position the call through “so-and-so calls,” the VA can easily transfer the call to the company owner. In most cases, they can handle the particular caller themselves or require a message.

Existing email boxes can be shared, new mutual email addresses can be built, or autoresponders (automatic results to incoming email) can redirect the person to a contact page form on a website to which the VA will probably respond.


The same rewards as scheduling – you may have more free time to make income or make your business profitable. I can’t tell you the number of moments I’ve sat in an airport watching business people juggle many phone calls while trying to improve a laptop. You’ve struck gold if you have a suitable VA working for you.

Karen, Determined to afford an administrative asst, but I need someone to assist me with correspondence and girl with prospects. What can you waste in this situation?


Following right up is often critical to the achievements of one’s marketing campaign once it is probably the best launched. Many VAs give this type of service on a project-by-project basis to follow up leads with a call, mail out hand-written control cards, or even set up autoresponders inside AWeber or similar marketing with email programs. Each campaign is recognized as a separate project, and the company owner only calls upon the particular VA’s services as necessary.


If your VA provides your literature or estimate/proposal format, think about how quickly your prospect could obtain an answer. Sometimes even a few hours may result in lost business; a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT could make sure that business is yours to make.

Karen, I sell many different products from my site. Handling order details, profits, and customer questions result in me having little time to increase my business. Do you perform in this area?


Yes. Offered today’s technology, one’s customer support can be simply handled “virtually” and easily by a virtual assistant. Once your current assistant is trained in your particular systems and functions, it’s simply a matter of environment them up with an email deal with and access to your corporate and business voice mail, as well as almost any login information they require to accomplish administrative duties.

It’s often an understanding for the business owner/entrepreneur to begin by providing their virtual assistant and a basic procedures document comprising information about passwords, logins, customer service policies, etc. It is a “living” document that is kept up to date as required.


A VA is a real benefit for any small business where cost management is critical. Unless you are tempted by large amounts of predetermined costs (salaries, benefits, taxes), a VA and outsourced distribution and order completion could make you look, buy, and sell like a larger company.

Karen, I wouldn’t even determine what to ask. I’m not sure in the event you could help me or not. Would you give me other examples of college things VA can do?


Seeing that I’ve said before, “We can do practically everything… besides make the coffee! ”

Internet assistants vary widely in their specialties, and there is certainly a new VA for everyone. Some businesses perhaps enlist the services of several different VAs for specific needs.

Some situations of the services that internet assistants provide are:

1. Transcription

* Proofreading

2. Customer support (email/voice/online chat)

3. Calendar management

* Databases management

* Bookkeeping

4. Web design/maintenance

* Advertising research, list building, and girl

* PowerPoint presentations

5. Copywriting

* Article articles

* Virtually anything else you can apply in a brick-and-mortar office

Karen, can you give some perception on how to develop a good functioning relationship with my VIRTUAL ASSISTANT? How do you develop trust and also mutual understanding? How do you deal with problems that might arise?


The answer to all three concerns is communication, communication, plus more communication!

It’s truly simply no different than having a particular brand-new person sitting right outside of your business office. You don’t know them, and they also don’t know you at first. However, you gradually develop a rapport according to your day-to-day interactions.

Provided you don’t have the benefit of offering your current virtual assistant a smile each time you go walking by; it’s very important to share your personality. Your VA needs to discover your preferences (or quirks, should you will) without the benefit of daily face-to-face interaction.

Making a good working relationship with your VA essentially means contacting them via phone or email. Never hesitate to accomplish this. Remember, your VA will be eager to receive communication about your teeth. If you are pleased with the outcome of your project, share that. If you have concerns or want to make changes, let them know immediately.

My best advice is to take care of your VA exactly like you would treat virtually any independent contractor you’ve chosen. Touch base often ensures they know what you’re thinking, take care of them as a member of your current team, and be straight up together at all times. You can’t lose if you choose that.


Virtual assistants can boost your business or career to the next level’. I strongly recommend that will work for a company or in corporate for yourself, explore what sort of VA can help you.

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