Religion: 25 Concepts in Anthropology


A preview of the concept of “religion” as used by Geertz. I define “religion” here not as “belief in the supernatural” but rather as “beliefs and actions associated with what is ‘really real'”.
Geertz combines a theory of religion with a theory of symbols. By way of background, if you’re interested in his theory of symbols, you can watch:

I took part in a radio program on the issue of religion a few years after recording this presentation:

I said “the crux of what it is to be human”; this is incorrect. I meant “an example of what it is to be human”. Early morning, difficult topic: apologies…

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About me: I’m Nick Herriman, author of The Entangled State and Witch-hunt and Conspiracy. In the “25 Concepts in Anthropology” series, I preview what I think are the 25 most important concepts in socio-cultural anthropology. Each concept provides a unique insight into what it is to be human. I am also the ‘Audible Anthropologist’ on iTunes.