Rome’s Best Pizzerias


Pizza is an institution in Rome, and its pizzerias celebrate it with flair and creativity. Experience traditional al taglio pizza in hidden locations or experiment with exciting topping combinations at one of the city’s many pizzerias. To learn more, check out

Stefano Callegari, renowned for introducing cacao e pepe pizza to Rome, operates several Trapizzino restaurants. His quick four-minute bake pies double up as portable street food options. To check out about iganony viewer, click here.

Sorbillo Lievito Mare

Attractively situated near the Trevi Fountain, this restaurant is an absolute must for pizza enthusiasts. Their airy and light pizzas come from dough that has been leavened for an unusually long period; their toppings include quality ingredients from Slow Food Presidia suppliers, such as battering tomatoes from Castelpoto sausage and Cacioricotta di Capra Cilentana cheese for an authentic Italian experience!

Roscioli Forno is another fantastic pizzeria near Campo de’ Fiori that serves pizza al taglio that’s lighter and crispier than others in Rome, plus they feature innovative toppings that may have been unthinkable a few years ago (no pineapple!).

Gabriele Bonci is another standout in Rome’s pizza scene. As a celebrity chef who has modernized traditional regalia pizza into something cozy and delicious, his pizzeria is well worth visiting. Offering local producers’ produce for topping his dishes, such as zucchini flower pizza with mozzarella and anchovy or the Capricciosa featuring artichoke hearts, hard-boiled eggs, and prosciutto; you won’t regret your visit here!

Da Remo

Testaccio district near Rome’s center offers this classic pizza shop as a local favorite, often bustling with customers and offering delicious traditional pizzas prepared in their wood fire ovens – everything from Margherita, Marinara, and Capricciosa classics to more experimental offerings like Gateau Pizza (mozzarella, potatoes, Ham stracchino, and rosemary)!

Rome offers some excellent spots for pizza dining. Their thin-crust pizzas feature delicious ingredients of the highest quality. Their creative combinations and delectable sparkling wine add another unique element. This place makes an exceptional visit.


Sforno is a long-established pizzeria close to Campo di Fiori that serves authentic Roman pizza at reasonable prices. Their service is outstanding, and their pizzas come out hot. Their most popular item is pizza diavola – tomato sauce topped with Caserta buffalo mozzarella and spicy salami are just three components included in one pie!

Sforno Pizzeria in Tuscolana is the inaugural sit-down pizzeria from Trapizzino founder Stefano Callegari. It serves a wide range of Neapolitan-style whole pizzas, including Margherita and Rome-inspired options like cacao e pepe (baked using crushed ice then topped with an entire wheel of grated Pecorino Romano cheese) as well as tasty traditional fried appetizers and beverages. A favorite lunch spot among residents in the neighborhood.

Although its storefront may appear modest in Rome’s Testaccio neighborhood, this pizzeria is one of Rome’s finest. Pizza Bianca – traditional Roman flatbread drizzled with olive oil – has quickly become one of the city’s favorite dishes and is enjoyed by children, young professionals, tourists, and even school staffers.


Stefano Callegari’s modern take on an ancient flatbread recipe is taking over Rome! Situated near the Termini station area, his Pinse (oblong oval-shaped Roman street food) provides a fantastic alternative to pizza by the slice with its tempting pins filled with classic Rome pizza toppings and innovative creations.

The dough at Pizza Studio is handcrafted using a non-GMO blend of rice, soy, and sourdough flours with no wheat; high hydration levels allow for long leavening (48/72 hours). From traditional white pizza with Bufala mozzarella and Pachino tomatoes to red varieties like Margherita or Amatriciana pizzas, each topping used locally sourced and IGP certified.

Pizza lovers who appreciate quality will love this popular eatery. Indulge in appetizers, bruschetta, traditional pasta dishes, grilled meat, and salads at lunchtime when crowds form around this establishment – the wait is worth it.

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