Siemens Generator Interlock Kit – Safely Power Your Home During a Power Outage Using Your Generator


Secure your home during a power outage using your generator with Siemens Generator Interlock Kits. Unlike transfer switches, interlock kits don’t require separate panels to operate; instead, they can be easily installed on existing breaker boxes with an open 2-pole slot available. Obtain the Best information about نماینده زیمنس در یران.

This electrical accessory prevents utility breakers from activating while your generator is running and helps safeguard electricity workers against being electrocuted. Read on to gain more insight into this cost-effective alternative to transfer switches.

Easy to Install

Generator interlock kits provide an easy alternative to transfer switches for safely powering your home during a power outage. Mounted directly to your breaker panel, these kits prevent both the main breaker and generator breaker from being activated at once, protecting you from back-feeding into utility lines and providing greater flexibility regarding which circuits your generator powers.

They meet all requirements set forth by National Electrical Code 702.4 for generator back feed protection, making them safe to use along with portable generators and eliminating carbon monoxide poisoning risk in garages, enclosed spaces, or near windows. In addition, they protect electric power company workers working to restore your power during an outage by eliminating potential back feed.

Mechanical interlocks consist of two sliding metal plates that permit either the generator or main breaker to be on at one time but not both at once. They’re easy to install with professional help in under an hour; made of sturdy material, they won’t easily break down over time either!


Interlock kits offer homeowners an unrivaled value compared to traditional transfer switches due to not requiring a separate panel to operate them and their user-friendly design that makes installation simple and prompts users to get up and running immediately – creating an investment with unmatched returns for the money invested.

Interlock kits are designed to protect the safety of your home during power outages when using a generator. They prevent your main breaker from activating at the same time as your generator breaker; this prevents back-feeding electricity into the powerlines from your home, which could electrocute electric company workers and damage its generator.

Siemens generator interlock kits offer an alternative to traditional transfer switches that are both costly and susceptible to failure; their interlock kits can last a long time due to being constructed of quality materials designed to withstand heavy use while remaining affordable and providing you with complete freedom over the circuits powered by your generator – making them an excellent way to save money while still having peace of mind during power outages.


Generator interlock kits enable homeowners to power their electrical wiring with portable generators during power outages while preventing electricity from being fed back into the utility grid. This safety feature protects electric power company workers from becoming injured as well as protecting your generator from being damaged; all via a simple sliding plate that blocks generator back feed circuit breakers when moved down while still permitting main breakers to remain active – something required by National Electrical Code requirements for installation in breaker panels.

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Electrical accessories designed to stop both mains and generator power from turning on simultaneously are an easy solution for unexpected power outages. Back feeding from the generator to utility lines is avoided, as well as any potential electrocution risks for electric power company workers or damage to the generator. Installed on the front cover of breaker panels, these kits consist of two sliding plates secured together with three bolts that, when moved down, block the generator breaker while permitting main breakers to remain active.

As opposed to other generator interlock kits, this one is made from high-grade materials that are corrosion-resistant and anodized for extra strength. Furthermore, its heavy-duty construction and CNC machined design ensure it will stand the test of time without easily breaking.

The generator interlock kit is compatible with ITE, Murray, Siemens, and Gould 150 or 200 amp panels, and the separation between the main breaker and the generator breaker should range between 7/8 to 1 1/4 inches – it is recommended to check model and spacing of your panel prior to purchasing one.

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