Swine Flu Revealed in forty Questions and Answers


Typically the Swine Flu is triggered by a powerful virus AH1N1 and is a major concern for everybody. We’ve put together forty-five questions and answers regarding this disease and what we will need to do to avoid being toxified with it. To know about questiontank, visit here.

1. What is The Swine Flu?
The Swine Flu virus is an infectious respiratory disorder.

2. How can it be sent?
Surroundings transmit it from one person to another.

3. Which are the symptoms?
Fever in between 5 – 38 diplomas Celsius, cough, water-type nostril secretions, headaches, muscular ache, and extreme general weak spot.

4. Why is the virus so aggressive?
Because it modifies on its own with every transmission from one person to the other.

5. The complications?
Serious pulmonary attacks.

6. In what conditions may be deadly?
If the immunitary technique is weak, you suffer from a new chronic disease or if you go to the doctor.

7. Some of the treatments?
Antivirals and not antibiotics.

8. How can we shield ourselves?
By having strictly personal hygiene, avoiding crowded places in addition to contact with persons already corrupted.

9. How do we have to shampoo our hands?
We must wash our hands and fingers with water, clean the joints, and even launder the jewelry.

10. How does one clean the nose?
A non-reusable handkerchief must be throwed away immediately in the junk.

11. How do you sneeze?
It would certainly be to sneeze in a small towel, or if you don’t have one maintain your mouth towards the shoulder.

12. How to behave if I connect with someone?
Avoid shake give or embracing that person.

13. How can I protect myself inside public transportation?
Use a scarf to protect the nose and the oral cavity.

14. What do I have to do if a colleague has swine flu symptoms?
I keep my distance and advice them to go immediately to the medical doctor.

15. Can I be attacked through a kiss?
Herpes can be transmitted through permitir.

16. Can I protect myself personally through nourishment?
It depends from case to case, but eating many fresh fruits and vegetables strengthens the immunitary method.

17. Which difference between the Swine Flu and the typical seasonal flu?
The symptoms will vary but are much easier in the case of the particular Swine Flu.

18. Which usually persons are the most confronted with The Swine Flu Malware?
The young persons, the individual medical staff, and staff from the public services.

19. How can I test myself in addition to where?
The test consists of taking a pharyngeal exudate and samples from nasal secretions. The tests are designed for infectious diseases sectors of the hospitals.

20. How soon do I have to go to the doctor?
Immediately when you know, this is not a regular cold and the specific symptoms.

21. Is it possible any vaccine?

22. Where is it made?
Inside hand.

23. How practical is it?
It protects you from the complications of the Swine Flu and often limits the spreading of the virus. Relating to the statistics, 92% of adults react positively to the vaccine and 85% of children and 81% of persons above 70 years old.

24. Who is going to take the vaccine?
The individuals above 14 years old, junior from high schools, health staff, the employees from the necessary public services, the people above 65 years old with good risk for complications, and expecting mothers.

25. Does it have secondary outcomes?
Headaches, muscular pain, a fever, nausea, bad express, local tumefaction. The side effects are easy and disappear within 24 – 48 hours (the local ones).

26. Does the vaccine for the typical flu protects me from your Swine Flu?
The vaccines for the regular flu won’t protect us against the AH1N1 virus provoked flu.

27. Can we have both vaccines?
If they are made at a time of 2 weeks and in diverse arms, it doesn’t influence the entire body in any way.

28. Does the typical flu medications help?
No, they don’t work in this case.

29. Just what contraindications does the vaccine have got?
The vaccine is not meant for people with severe, severe egg allergies.

30. Are there risks for expecting mothers?
No, there are not.

31. Starting with what age virtually any child can receive the vaccine?
We are starting at six months old.

32. How do you protect the baby until it finally gains the age suitable for having the vaccine?
Keep the baby clear of crowded areas and bust feed.

33. Why often are young people more exposed than older ones?
The aged ones are more protected mainly because, probably, in the past, they come across a similar virus.

34. Exactly what protection do I receive by wearing masks?
Usually least one. Only the ones connected with type FFP2 with the conclusion valve.

35. Do I have to remain at home from the initial symptoms?

36. How many days do I have to stay isolated?
For seven days.

37. How do I shield my family if I will get sick and tired?
You will remain isolated in a room and avoid hitting the ground with the rest of the family.

38. Some of the most affected areas?
America and Europe.

39. If and where appeared this specific disease?
April 2009 inside Mexic.

40. Which is one of the most pessimistic scenarios in The European countries?
Between 40. 000 and also 220. 000 decreases, based on The European Union.

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