The Six-Hour Cure for the Common Cold, According to Me


That day I was sick as a dog. It wasn’t my decision to put everything on wait for a day, but that’s how things worked out. I read that the typical lifespan of a cold is five days and that we may expect to get ill twice a year. Those are figures with which I am comfortable, but I have decided not to live.

The last time I became sick was when my body went through a very trying moment. I had an abnormally long workweek. I had a bad diet. A lot of sugar water was what I was chugging down. Without my knowledge, my immune system was a train catastrophe. I was getting sick about once a month at the time. I considered that a tremendous waste of time and intended to compensate for it by working longer hours when I returned. It went in cycles. The words “No more” echoed in my head.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a scratchy throat, dry sinuses, and heaviness in my upper chest. It’s possible I wasn’t sick. Should I risk going to work while I’m sick? Should I risk going to work unwell and staying there until I get home? To guarantee that I would feel better the following day, I opted to remain in and rest.

There has been an absurd amount of study on the common cold, yet scientists have not discovered a technique to ‘cure’ it. That’s not entirely correct. Assuming a robust immune system, every human can recover from a cold. Colds have affected humans from the dawn of time. Throughout these millennia, people have discovered various natural remedies that can reduce a cold’s severity or prevent its occurrence altogether.

My diet provides my body with the finest raw materials possible. I eat a wide variety of raw fruits and veggies. Some of these have been mixed to disperse the nutrients so my body can absorb them more readily. I avoid any drugs that could weaken my immune system. Before taking any new medicine, please familiarize yourself with its side effects and precautions. Negative impacts on the immune system, liver, or kidneys could significantly affect your health. Every day, I also consume around a gallon of water. Being properly hydrated facilitates cellular function.

Multiple books on nutrition might be written with only the information in the preceding paragraph. Fast food consumers rarely get the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals. To find out what you must eat daily to stay healthy and live a long life, look up “essential nutrients” on Wikipedia.

The aforementioned is a foundation for sustaining a healthy immune system. I still think I’m regularly exposed to the flu and cold virus. All the previous measures have been taken to ensure my sick body can adequately combat these threats.

I have no formal training in medicine or nutrition, but I enjoy reading about these subjects. I think it’s a good idea for you to visit the library and check out a book on the subject. An old textbook from your local used bookstore may be purchased for under $5 and will cover the fundamentals. WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, and the National Institutes of Health all have web pages where you can learn the basics. Dr. Mercola, Dr. Oz, Dr. Joel Wallach, and Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) all have YouTube videos covering most of the essentials. Everything I say about helping the human body is probably just paraphrased information from one of these.

Since I could feel it starting, I took certain precautions to strengthen my immune system. When I first woke up, I used peroxide to rinse my mouth. Throughout the day, I repeated this process after each meal. Before I did anything else, I drank a whole liter of water. I needed a boost and more vitamin C, so I ate an orange. Two extended-release vitamin C capsules worked for me. Two cloves of garlic were crushed in my mouth and consumed. In the first ten minutes of the day, I completed this. Despite having terrible garlic breath, I stayed in bed for another two hours. Before leaving for work, the wife flatly refused to speak to me.

Every few hours, I would down another liter of water. At lunchtime, I ate two tablespoons of olive oil. A natural vitamin and mineral complex with extracts of mushrooms and greens was the next thing I ate, and it took up two teaspoons of my time after that. I would consume two more garlic cloves and numerous slices of ginger every couple of hours. More oranges, limes, and star fruit were devoured by yours indeed. When I am ill, I like to rest as little as possible so that my body may focus on recovering from whatever it is fighting. Until dinner, that was all I had eaten. I didn’t want my digestive system to be busy for any longer than necessary.

While going about my day, I took a herbal supplement that included echinacea, goldenseal root, burdock root, gentian root, cayenne pepper, and wood betony. When I was awake, I took about two pills per hour. I took four more of them right before bed.

As early as lunchtime, I began to feel markedly better. By the time I went to bed, I felt nearly ideal. This morning started like any other.

There are other things I would have done (and may do in the future) if I had been in worse health or if my diet had been less than optimal recently. Using baking soda in a neti pot. I used trampoline jumping as a form of lymphatic drainage. Consumed more fluids. Epsom salt-infused. Besides the apparent therapeutic value, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced any “get unstick” benefits from a long bath.

Research scientist John Dembowski is convinced that a greater understanding of diet can prevent most health problems. His team at Living Ezine has gathered countless instructional films and organized them for easy consumption.

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