The top job management software that will maximise work efficiency for tradies


For tradies, handling a high volume of work can lead to various difficulties. For starters, you’ll have to manage your contacts and your workers. And of course, there are the never-ending emails and seemingly endless paperwork. Addressing these challenges is important, as, without proper management, they’re likely to affect the productivity and profitability of your tradie business in the long run.To read more click here.

In today’s times, more and more tradies are turning to job management software for efficient and effective management of their jobs, and good reasons. Job management software offers numerous benefits for tradies – gifts that we’ll delve deeper into in this article. We’ll also take you through the best job management software for tradie businesses. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Benefits of job management software

●       Automated notifications: Job management software for tradies provides automatic notifications, which are vital for keeping track of all the jobs and upcoming appointments. The software allows tradies to schedule reminders and mark tasks as completed, which results in stress-free work management.

●       Smooth communication: Tradies need to communicate regularly with delivery personnel, workers, suppliers, and clients. Job management software makes communication a smooth process through scheduled networking, contact management, and responsive communication. This ensures that you remain well-connected to your network round the clock.

●       Efficient work planning: For tradies, job management software allows for easy and systematic prioritization and categorization of upcoming work. This makes work planning an efficient process and ensures that tradies never miss their commitments. Job management software also provides exclusive features related to task management such as auto emailer, priority scheduler tags, etc.

●       Data synchronization: If you rely on your workers to send you real-time data such as photos, documents, signatures, and customer verification, you should start using job management software. Through its data synchronization features, the software will allow you to access synchronized real-time data from the comfort of your office.

●       Cloud-based: All job management software used by tradies are cloud-based, which means there are no risks of losing data. It also allows tradies to remotely access critical data such as schedules and documents.

●       Management of payments and cash flow: Without a good cash flow and payment management system in place, your tradie business is very likely to suffer. However, job management software provides various cash flow and payment management features, which allow tradies to focus on their work. Meanwhile, the software keeps track of the money coming in and going out of the business.

So, now that you know what the benefits of job management software are for tradies, it’s time to look at the best options to pick from right now.

1 . Tradify

Simplicity and ease-of-use are the defining qualities of Tradify, a software that’s best-suited for maintenance tradie businesses. Tradify can easily integrate with your existing accounting system, and the software also supports job profitability analysis. The price structure of Tradify is dependent on how many employees your tradie business has. However, if your tradie business is large, you should look at other options as Tradify has scalability issues. It doesn’t offer checklist support as well.


● Easy to access job information owing to system linking

● Compatible with all devices and operating systems


● Scalability issues

● No checklist support

2 . Servicem8

Servicem8 is similar to Tradify and is ideal for maintenance tradie businesses. If job scheduling and maintaining customer communications are your priorities, you need to look no further than this job management software. It’s a low-cost software, and its pricing structure is quite simple. Tradie businesses have to pay a monthly payment, which is fixed and covers a particular number of jobs. Servicem8 also offers consultancy services for training tradies to use the software effectively. Servicem8 has checklist support, which gives it an advantage over Tradify. However, the software is exclusive to Apple devices.


● Easy to learn and use

● Pocket-friendly

● Offers checklist support


● Job profitability feature is only available on the software’s premium version

● Exclusive to Apple devices

3 . Ascora

Ascora is yet another job management software to consider if you have a small-medium tradie business. You can watch your workforce through the software’s activity feed and automated timesheet features. Automated text messages can be set up on this software through the templates. Similar to Servicem8, Ascora’s price is affordable. There’s also a client portal feature, which allows your clients to get notifications of your job progress. While Ascora is compatible with all devices, you may experience certain issues using it on a device other than an Apple.


● Good customer support

● Client portal

● Affordable


● Not suitable for large projects

● To avoid experiencing compatibility issues, it’s best to use the software on an Apple device

4 . Fergus

Fergus is also a job management software designed to support small-medium tradie businesses. The software’s features make it easy for tradespeople to schedule site visits and jobs, estimate, and quote. Fergus provides timesheet support as well. It’s compatible with Android and Apple devices, and there are no compatibility issues. You can also change a job if any variation is required. Basic and professional are the two pricing options you’ll get with this software. Add-ons are also available for making the software more feature-rich. However, editing quotes isn’t possible in Fergus once they are published. Also, the software is a little more complicated to set up and use compared to all the other software we’ve covered so far.


● Real-time job profitability tracking

● Real-time field notification and job updates


● Editing quotes is not an option after they have been published

● Setting up the software and using it can be challenging initially

5 . Simon

Simon is a software that was designed for maintenance tradies by maintenance tradies. Initially, this software can feel difficult to use because of its complex system. Its customer support system is quite good, thanks to training modules and help guides. It’s compatible with various accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero. The software’s office-to-field connectivity is second to none. However, its pricing structure is expensive compared to software like Servicem8 and Tradify.


● Good customer support

● Merges with Quickbooks, Xero, and other accounting software


● Expensive

● Suited only for maintenance tradies

6 . Aro Flo

Aro Flo offers a variety of features such as scheduling, timesheets, job costing, and invoicing. It’s quite easy to set up and use as well. One of the features of Aro Flo that makes it unique is scanning emails to identify job requests. Once the software has determined job requests, it automatically sets them up within the software. It boasts of a GPS tracking feature, which allows it to be used irrespective of your location. Aro Flo can also merge with various other software, making it one of the most customizable and flexible job management software.


● Easy to set up and use

● Email scanning for automatic identification and addition of job requests

● High on customization and flexibility


● Not a good solution for large jobs

● Timesheets feature can be problematic from time to time

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