The Value of Your Web Host and How to Maximize It


When creating a website for your company, the first step is to find a reliable Web Hosting service. Considering the abundance of web hosts, this is no simple process. Hosting decisions are often delegated to web designers rather than IT departments. Whatever the situation may be, there are a few things to think about before making a final choice to ensure you obtain a web hosting service that is trustworthy, safe, and effective while still being reasonably priced and valuable.

This article is written for business owners who care deeply about the quality and consistency of the services they provide to their customers and who would benefit from a primer on what to look for in a web hosting provider.

With so many options, picking Kenya’s best Web Hosting provider can be challenging. However, the following truths are constant regardless of your provider.

#1: Dependability

Having a server, you can rely on means that your website will be accessible 24/7 and that you will never miss an email from a customer. It would be best if you watched out for the best-managed servers regarding uptime, security, and customer support because technological reliability has limits. The top companies promise an availability rate of at least 99.9 percent and give round-the-clock customer service to fix any problems that may arise. Management, monitoring, and control can all be improved with the help of server software. CloudLinux is a technology that helps administrators better manage Linux-based shared servers and protect against malicious software that can hog system resources and disrupt legitimate users.

Two, effectiveness

There is a direct correlation between the amount of energy servers use and the overall cost of running a data center. Energy-efficient servers, improved server architecture, and more robust power supply systems are ways businesses can reap the financial and societal rewards of going green. If the web host has taken the initiative to use environmentally friendly technologies, that’s a big plus.

Qualities Three

Web hosting packages often include tools designed to streamline and simplify your site administration. Things get complicated here, as many web hosts provide packages catered to specific customer demographics. As a result, you can tailor your web hosting plan to your particular requirements and spend only what you must; however, if you anticipate rapid expansion of your business and a large influx of website visitors, you should go with the latter option. Before deciding on a web host, the most crucial factors to consider are:

3. a) Storage Capacity

Disk space is the quantity of data storage made available to a website by its web server. The space can be utilized for anything the website needs, including HTML files, movies, images, etc. Disk space is typically used for more than just the website, including email, databases, and weblogs. How much space you need will be determined by the total size of your website and the number of emails you receive daily. If you’re unsure, you may talk to your site designer or use a cheap web hosting service offering infinite features like bandwidth, databases, and email addresses.

bandwidth (n.3)

Bandwidth is how data or information can be transmitted via a network or other medium, such as a hosting server. A website’s monthly data transmission quota is known as its “bandwidth,” and the web host determines it. When a user accesses your website, the browser downloads the requested page from the server. Keep in mind the bandwidth allocation as you evaluate the various packages provided by the web host, as this will directly affect the amount of data moved to and from your website as visitor numbers increase.

3. c) Technology Deployed On Servers

Applications that run on a server are known as “server-side technology.” When these technologies (such as ASP, JSP, CGI, PHP, and SSI) are implemented, they generate the HTML content on the fly. These programs allow for generating dynamic online content that users may see in a wide range of browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Find out from your service provider what kinds of scripts you can access.

3.d) E-mail Functionality

Except for unlimited web hosting plans, all shared web hosting plans come with a predetermined quota of email addresses. Large and medium-sized businesses that must provide their staff with individual email addresses will find this a convenient solution. Emails can be downloaded to an email client like Microsoft Outlook, thanks to the system’s POP3 capability. The webmail application allows you to check your email from any computer with an Internet connection. Email forwarding and auto responders are two additional capabilities that should be standard.

Three, e) Safety

When running an e-commerce website, web hosting security may be a nightmare. If something goes wrong with your web hosting, it can have a devastating effect on your business. Hackers may target shared hosting servers by installing malware or other malicious software. Once this information has been posted, it poses a severe risk to the data of other users. Any number of malicious activities, including DDOS attacks, credit card theft, and server takeovers, are all possible with this software.

Regarding data security, web hosts take numerous precautions, including frequent off-site backups in case their primary servers are ever compromised. While the web host must maintain the highest level of security for their customers’ accounts, it is wise for customers to avoid accidental account misuse. Employ a seasoned web developer to guarantee your site’s stability and the privacy of its visitors.

4 – Technical Assistance

Because server outages can happen anytime, and if your provider is unavailable, this could result in significant problems, even loss of revenue for your business, you should consider technical support before signing up with a web hosting company. A growing number of businesses now provide round-the-clock access to live chat and phone support for their customers. It is possible to quickly resolve critical issues by contacting technical support and reporting them as such.

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