What to Search for in an Email Hosting Company


In this piece, I’ll give you invaluable advice on selecting a reliable email service provider (ESP). But, when riding it, email marketing is still the best strategy for engaging with your list, getting your message to them, and ultimately making a sale to them. There is simply nothing else that compares. Guide to Buy SMTP Server with Bitcoin.

So, what criteria should you use to pick an email provider? Which aspects should be considered “ultra-important,” and which ones can be ignored? How can you differentiate between a solid business and one with space for growth? This is the topic I’m going to discuss next.

Here are the top 5 criteria to evaluate potential email providers.

1. Consistency and timely delivery – Your email provider must be dependable regarding the timely delivery of all communications. We cannot budge on this point. Knowing your emails will be sent and received at the appropriate times is crucial when developing campaigns.

You may learn a lot about the dependability and deliverability of the messages by reading the reviews and ratings left by satisfied customers. But unfortunately, people are more prone to report bad news than good. Thus, the lack of information on the topic is encouraging.

2. Spam measures – Make sure the company you’re looking into is spam compliant; this is so basic it’s almost embarrassing. One of the ‘biggies’ that every email must include to be spam compliant is a way for recipients to remove themselves from your mailing list.

Today, any email marketing solution is worth it’s salt. It would be best if you verified that this feature is built into everything they do, but I know it is. A non-compliant email marketing plan is the last thing you need for your internet business.

3. Sorting Lists – Divide your list into as many subsets as you like using any criteria. For instance, an intelligent email service provider will allow you to split your lists, such as separating your leads from your purchasers (a wise move) or separating your information from the many lead sources you have.

You’ll need the ability to send emails to certain lists for specific objectives as your online business grows and changes. Your company will suffer and reach a natural growth ceiling if you rely on a single, comprehensive database. Making lists ahead of time is a brilliant idea.

4. The fourth strategy is “A/B testing – Every successful online marketer. Your website’s subscription box is no different. Good email providers will let you do A/B testing on your opt-in forms to determine which ones perform best.

You can try several variations of your opt-in box’s headline, color scheme, button text, etc., to see what works best. With an opt-in box, you have a lot of room to experiment.

5. Free 30-Day Trial and No Long-Term Contract – Most reputable businesses provide you a month to try out their services at no cost. Not offering a free trial is not indicative of a poor business.

However, you should run away if the email service provider asks you to commit to a lengthy contract. All reputable businesses avoid binding agreements with their consumers and instead rely on consistently excellent service to keep them returning. You should anticipate this as a business owner or entrepreneur.

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