Which Lottery Drawing is Tonight?


Are You Wondering Which Lottery Drawing Will Happen Tonight? Look No Further. New York Lottery drawings are livestreamed daily; click either the Midday or Evening tabs for access. Powerball and Mega Millions drawings also take place each Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 pm. An exceptionally fantastic fact about Live Draw HK.


Powerball is a multi-state lottery offering jackpots worth millions. Operated by 45 states and DC and overseen by the Multi-State Lottery Association, drawings for this lottery game take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday with winning numbers drawn from two drums; one contains white balls while the other contains red Powerballs – with players trying to match all six numbers selected – five white and one red – in one go.

Watching a drawing, it may not become evident just how complex it is to add six numbers together. Each detail of this endeavor requires careful planning by multiple individuals – more people than are needed for a nuclear missile launch! Everything begins in a small room with white walls where only select people are allowed access to see machines at work.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions lottery drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday at 11 pm ET, drawing five white balls numbered 1-70 from a pool, as well as one gold “Mega Ball.” Winning numbers will be posted shortly after that in this website’s WINNING NUMBERS section.

WSB-TV studios in Atlanta, Georgia, host the drawings, which are overseen by the state of Georgia Lottery.[7] Initially sponsored by Glenn Burns of WSB-TV’s meteorology department and then by John Crow (a former sports anchor at WSB TV). Carol Blackmon and Adria Wofford currently serve as hosts; Sabrina Cupit serves as backup host if either host is unavailable.[10]

The chance of Winning (Based on $2 Play) for Each White Ball and 1 in 35 for Mega Ball are equal and must be claimed within 180 Days from the Drawing Date.

Hot Spot

Hot Spot, a fun California lottery game with multiple ways of winning, draws every four minutes between 6 am and 2 am from 6 am until 2 am. It offers various chances to win: each drawing includes different numbers eligible to become Hot Spot numbers with a minimum bet of one dollar; players may also opt for a 10-spot version, which has a higher top prize. Winning odds depend on the number of spots played as well as choosing or not selecting the Bulls-eye option.

Hot Spot players must purchase tickets from authorized retailers before marking their selections on a play slip and handing it over with payment to a clerk for validation. In case of errors, players should alert the clerk immediately. Any winnings exceeding $599 are subject to tax offsets, which go toward California public schools; any prizes not claimed within 180 days from the Hot Spot draw date can be claimed back as winners.

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