Will Divorce Mediation Reduce My Cost?


Divorce can be painful, sometimes necessary, and often expensive. But it does not have to be that drawn-out legal battle resulting in added financial and emotional pain. Many couples have found that mediation divorces can help both parties handle practical issues in their divorce–like dividing property, child custody, debts, child support, alimony, etc.–in such a way that it lessens conflicts and fosters cooperation.

You can substantially keep your divorce fees lower than the litigation divorce. Hiring a mediation attorney Wisconsin will surely help you reduce the cost of your divorce. 

Will divorce mediation reduce my cost? 

Every party going through a mediation process often asks,” Will divorce reduce my cost? If it does, by how much will it decrease?” Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. The cost of your mediation process depends upon some factors mentioned below. 

1. Cost of private divorce mediation 

In the case of private divorce mediation, you and your spouse will choose a neutral paid mediator. Rather than making decisions for both like a judge or advocating for one side like a lawyer, a mediator will help both of you solve the issues you need to resolve in your divorce. Private divorce mediation can charge something around $3000 to $8000. Of course, it can also go outside the range. 

A private divorce mediation charges its fees on various factors: 

● By the hour

● By one session

● A flat rate 

Other factors that determine the cost of mediation are mentioned below. 

● The complexity of your case

● Willingness to engage in mediation

● The level of conflict 

2. Extra charges 

Some mediators may charge an hourly or additional fee for the time spent on the cases in mediation sessions. 

3. In-person vs. remote mediations

Some mediators will conduct the online sessions and charge lower fees, while others will travel for the in-person sessions because they do not have their own office. 

Ways to reduce mediation cost 

1. Choose your divorce process. 

One of the ways to reduce mediation costs is to avoid a trial. Many attorneys will settle the case, while some will approach to consider. 

2. Consider using associates when possible. 

You can lower your attorney fees by using an associate because they charge less than partners.

3. Organize your financial records 

Divorce is a type of financial transaction; the more time you spend organizing records and documents, the more money you will save.

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