Yacht Etiquette


At some point in their life, everyone has dreamt of a sea voyage on a beautiful modern yacht, holding a banquet, or taking a tour of it. However, not everyone is aware of the rules and customs that have been developed over the years on any ship. Following the recommendations is crucial to achieving idyll and tranquility during the trip. There is a common misconception that renting an expensive yacht in Barcelona gives people the right to do whatever they want, but that is untrue. Once at sea and with the sails raised, everyone becomes equal, regardless of the ship’s size or wealth.

It is essential not to forget the most basic requirement: a greeting must be answered with a greeting. When sailing, yachts with strangers will undoubtedly cross paths, and ignoring a friendly greeting shows disrespect. Listen to the captain since they are in charge of the ship, and everything depends on their actions. Follow their advice and recommendations since the skipper is responsible for the life of every person on board. The first glass should be poured for the captain during a banquet as a sign of respect.

The most straightforward recommendation is related to shoes. Never walk on a boat in street shoes. Imagine that you are entering your home. Do you wear shoes inside your home? This rule applies to everyone, regardless of rank. However, walking barefoot is also prohibited due to hygiene and safety reasons. When planning a holiday at sea, don’t forget to pack light, comfortable shoes.

Rules of conduct on board should be followed. Never obstruct the captain’s view while driving a sailboat since they are occupied with serious matters that affect everyone’s safety. Suppose you need to go upstairs while in the cabin, don’t hesitate to ask the crew if they need anything. Such behavior is highly appreciated. Remember that you are a guest and must behave appropriately and not abuse alcohol. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas to prevent the risk of fire.

People often ignore an essential requirement: do not obstruct boats. Avoid high speeds next to slowly moving boats. Firstly, this shows disrespect, and secondly, it can lead to dangerous collisions. Stay close to the pier since the resulting wave can damage the moored transport and harm people swimming with children. Ensure enough water and food for the day since the sea makes people thirstier. It is even said, “If you are going to sail for a day, stock up on food for a week, and if for a week, for a month.”

Girls are essential to any rented ship since their presence can brighten any place. However, wearing heels and skirts is unacceptable since it creates inconvenience while walking on the pier, and dresses can rise during windy conditions. There are specific appearance requirements: yacht shoes and trousers. Maintaining personal hygiene can be challenging since water consumption should be minimal. Women not accustomed to such situations may find washing and drying their clothes challenging.

Toilets, also known as “latrines” in the sea language, are a delicate topic. Instructions exist for a reason, and a clogged latrine can create discomfort for guests and problems for the crew. It is easier to clog a restroom with sewage tanks than a toilet that flushes water overboard, so it is essential to follow all the rules to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Do not ruin your sailing holiday in Barcelona with unpleasant moments. Instead, focus on the great moments and follow the recommendations for a successful trip.

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