Benefits of Solar Film For HDB Windows


Solar film for Hdb windows offers many benefits, including the reduction of heat and glare as well as lower energy costs. Furthermore, its aesthetic qualities enhance appearances while providing more privacy. Choose the best window film singapore.

Rikecool provides a selection of high-quality films suitable for domestic, commercial, automotive, architectural, safety, and security applications. Their unique multi-optical construction uses no metal and is 5G safe – offering their customers complete peace of mind.

UV Protection

Solar window films help block UV rays that penetrate glass windows. Coated with reflective materials that block 99% of visible and invisible light – without interfering with your view or being difficult to clean – solar window films reduce damage caused by sunlight while prolonging furniture, artwork, and curtains’ lifespans by protecting them from sun-fading damage.

Solar control window films add beauty and efficiency to any home, reducing glare, heat, and energy bills by conserving energy use. They offer energy savings while cutting your electric bills – these benefits make solar control window films ideal for residential properties and homes alike; however, when selecting an installer like RikeCool, ensure high-quality movies are installed that function perfectly.

Solar control window films come in various colors and designs to meet different needs. You can choose between transparent, metallic, mirror reflective options and anti-insect movies to protect from insects entering the premises. They’re made to seamlessly fit any window size or shape for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Blinds can be applied inside and outside your windows for adequate UV protection for furniture, skin, and eyes. Furthermore, these blinds help save electricity costs by reflecting sunlight rays onto you from outside.

Infratint is an industry-leading manufacturer of solar films for your car. Their films are constructed using durable polyester materials and come equipped with an adhesive backing, making installation quick and straightforward. Dampen your windows before peeling away the backing to expose its adhesive side – then attach your film carefully so it is appropriately aligned and adhered.

Solar tinting is an economical way to make your living spaces more comfortable while protecting against UV rays and saving on air conditioning costs. Solar tinting also keeps furniture, artwork, and draperies looking brand new for less money while adding value to your property if ever decided upon for sale later on.

Heat Rejection

Solar film offers heat rejection capabilities to reduce air conditioning fees in the long run and to make living spaces more comfortable for you and your family. Furthermore, its UV protection can protect furniture and fabrics from premature fading due to prolonged sun exposure.

Tintsy Cool International provides an assortment of solar films that are both visually appealing and functional. Their flagship product, LLumar Sun Control Window Film, blocks up to 99% of Infrared radiation and harmful UV rays without diminishing luminosity or lumen output. Their TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected) rating lets you understand how much heat a film can block off.

Their iQ Spectrally Selective FG Series is another top choice for those seeking maximum sun protection. It features advanced nanoceramic technology that filters both infrared and UV rays without visible distortion and without interfering with broadband signals such as Wi-Fi and cellphone services.

iQ window films come in a wide variety of tints so that you can find one to fit perfectly in your home. Choose matte, sand-blasted, or 100% white and black frosted options to find one you love!

Investing in tints tailored specifically for your windows can reduce energy costs significantly throughout the year. In wintertime, you’ll save on heating expenses, while in summertime, it will reduce air conditioning expenses.

Glare reduction provided by window tints can significantly enhance worker productivity, helping reduce utility bills and preventing workplace fatigue. Furthermore, UV protection provided by these films protects employees and customers from skin diseases like sunburn – essential security if you run food and beverage businesses such as Greengrocer, butcher, baker, or chocolatier businesses. Window films may even help safeguard against vandalism in your shop!

Safety & Security

Solar window films protect furniture and fabrics from the sun’s harmful rays by creating an additional layer of protection to avoid fading. Untreated windows allow sunlight (consisting of heat, light, and UV rays) into your home, where it will fade fabric curtains and furniture over time, diminish its resale value, and be unhealthy for you and your family. Solar window films help provide additional layers of defense from UV exposure by providing layers of protection. This will prevent the damaging fading process that otherwise would occur over time and prolongs its effects – saving both your time and effort when entering new properties, resale values from further houses, and healthy living conditions caused by sun rays entering through unprotected windows, providing layers of protection that helps prevents it.

Solar window films also help strengthen your windows’ glass surface by increasing tensile strength up to five times and decreasing shattering when they break, providing extra safety and security for you, your family, and your guests. The solar tinting film may even prevent break-ins by delaying burglars’ entrance to your property while holding together broken pieces of glass that otherwise might scatter about.

Solar film for Hdb windows is constructed with a solid polyester base and adhesive to guarantee they stay put even in adverse environments. They feature corrosion protection and anti-fogging properties to keep windows clear and safe, with options such as transparent solar films, reflective mirror solar films, and hydrophobic and glare reduction features, depending on your requirements.

Selecting the ideal solar film for your HDB apartment building is essential to reap maximum benefits. To do this, find a company offering an assortment of products and installation services, along with warranties on their work and an outstanding track record in the industry.

Rikecool of Singapore offers high-quality window films of the 3M Prestige Series. Window Films are an excellent solution for homeowners seeking protection against harmful solar rays, savings on electricity costs, and increased privacy. Their films utilize ceramic technology, which effectively absorbs and transmits thermal energy, has less mirror-like reflection effects, is available in various tints, and provides homeowners with added insulation benefits.


Solar window films offer peace of mind by protecting your home from intruders and unwanted eyes, reflecting less light into rooms. Hence, it is difficult to see inside, holding glass shards together to reduce break-in attempts and holding together broken pieces so criminals cannot break through easily.

Selecting an appropriate window tint to protect privacy can be daunting. Frosted films may be best suited for corridors and walkways with continuous foot traffic or bathrooms/toilets/service yards that don’t need to be seen by outsiders while letting in sunlight to maintain brightness in these rooms. Furthermore, they will block outsiders’ views into them even with lights turned on!

Depending on your personal needs, there is an assortment of frosted window films to meet your home’s aesthetic and functional requirements. Available in various colors and patterns, it will help find something ideal for your space – they are also very cost-effective and easily installed with minimal disturbance to your life and home environment.

RikeCool is an industry-renowned window film provider known for its BCA and HDB-approved window films that protect from UV and infrared rays while simultaneously reducing glare and heat. Their products are easy to install in Singapore’s tropical climate; they provide professional installation services to ensure each film meets all specifications and standards.

Window Films Singapore offers several other window films for Singapore residents, including reflective and dual-reflective options and neutral and transparent films. While reflective options aim to reduce glare and heat levels, unbiased and straightforward films allow natural light into your home, while impartial and transparent films allow it. Their high-quality material won’t fade or peel while boasting impressive heat rejection rates – all free from metallic components that interfere with telecom signals! Plus, they provide free quotes, consultations, and on-site measuring; their installers are fully insured, so you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands!

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