Solid GPS Tracker Review


The best GPS trackers are small enough to be concealed discreetly while collecting data privately. In addition, their extended battery life ensures continuous surveillance without interruption. Have the Best information about pet tracker.

Trent and Nathan decided to devise a portable tracker using cutting-edge technology at an economical price, which could fulfill its function efficiently and reliably – thus, Solid GPS came into being.


This device uses wireless technology to track your vehicle. It is suitable for most types of cars and compatible with most smartphones. GPS satellites determine their position before sending information through a 3G mobile network. Additionally, this device comes equipped with its power source to continue tracking even when out of range of the GPS network.

It is incredibly robust and designed to withstand any climate. With its rugged construction and superior materials, this tracker makes a perfect companion for vehicles such as trucks or trailers that will see regular use – like trucks and trailers – while bicycle or motorcycle owners can easily keep an eye on them no matter their location.

Apart from tracking assets, this device features other safeguards to deter theft. For instance, notifications can be set when leaving the vehicle to notify you via smartphone updates. They can even detect when someone tampers with it – helping you respond swiftly if your car becomes stolen.

Solid GPS Tracker boasts another fantastic feature – creating a virtual perimeter around your vehicle. When activated, the tracker will send signals every two minutes to your phone and switch to emergency mode; you will be notified via SMS and email when this occurs. Returning to Watchdog mode after six hours will save battery life.

Trent and Nathan Torkar of Melbourne developed this system to deter thieves from targeting your pride and joy, such as motorcycles or boats. Although initially intended for their bikes, it can also protect cars, motorhomes, and crafts – providing an easy yet cost-effective tool to help protect personal assets.

Note that this system doesn’t work everywhere and requires an excellent signal from mobile networks to function effectively. Therefore, before using it, you should check network coverage and remember that using it in areas with poorer coverage could accelerate battery wear down more rapidly. However, the company offers full refunds should a purchase not meet customer satisfaction.

Highly portable

GPS trackers come in various forms; some are more portable than others and can be placed on laptops or tablet computers, while others can be compact enough to use with vehicles. Unfortunately, many of these trackers cannot detect unrelated movements, so you must consider your specific needs and budget when selecting a tracking device.

Solid GPS is a newly launched start-up offering state-of-the-art portable tracking devices. Established by Trent and Nathan in response to increased concerns surrounding vehicle theft – CarSafe reports one vehicle every 11 minutes across Australia! After Trent lost his motorcycle during an overnight lockdown, he investigated tracking devices that might help deter thieves but found most were either too expensive, used outdated technology, or were unreliable – prompting his research of monitoring devices that could prevent thefts but found most costly and unreliable solutions available – starting him and Nathan decided to create their portable device using modern technology with cost-effectiveness as the goals in mind.

The Solid GPS tracker is a small, lightweight device that tracks cars, bikes, boats, luggage, and other valuable items such as valuables. Use GPS technology to pinpoint your device’s exact location before transmitting this data over GSM networks to your phone or tablet – even when primary networks go offline, this tracking device provides location updates! Plus, it features a backup system, so your information stays safe even then!

Solid GPS not only offers GPS tracking capabilities but also features to protect equipment and assets, such as the ability to set regular updates of its position or sleep when not moving – helping save battery life – plus sharing accounts with law enforcement or loved ones could prove valuable if your vehicle is stolen.

Solid GPS trackers boast many great features, one being their ability to record a track log that shows where and when your vehicle has traveled. You can even program it so it stops recording if it moves out of an assigned area – helping prevent thieves from making off with your ride!

Doesn’t cost the earth

GPS trackers are an invaluable way to monitor equipment, whether a construction truck, skid steer, or any other piece. By monitoring where your equipment is at any given moment, these trackers allow you to stay on top of operations and save time and money by being aware of its exact location at all times.

Not all GPS trackers are created equal. Many charge monthly subscription fees or require an expensive dedicated SIM card, so make sure that the device you purchase offers quality performance with plenty of run-time; also, search for weatherproof models with user-friendly interfaces and simple setup procedures.

While affordable GPS trackers are on the market, you should research carefully before settling on one product. While more expensive versions may offer additional features and functionality, consider your needs before making a final decision. Furthermore, ensure your product enjoys a good reputation among customers before purchasing anything new.

Solid GPS was established in Melbourne in 2020 and has already amassed over 5,000 customers, offering tracking devices that protect motorcycles and cars with cutting-edge technology at cost-effective rates while offering local telephone support services.

GPS tracking solutions can save your business both money and stress by helping detect employee theft or assets lost from misplacement, as well as helping prevent overages on rental contracts – helping increase revenues while keeping customers satisfied.

GPS tracking technology can be precious in the construction industry, where equipment such as tractors, generators, and trailers are often stolen. By using GPS tracking technology, you can always know where your equipment is and prevent theft.

Geofencing GPS trackers will alert you whenever they leave their designated area, though typically, the device only transmits its location every two to five minutes to conserve battery power and save battery.

It’s a home-grown product

Solid is a Melbourne-based GPS tracker offering cost-effective tracking solutions that don’t break the bank. Created by two entrepreneurs, Trent, and Nathan Torkar, their system features an affordable yet effective way of easily monitoring your pride and joy. They include a small GPS device that is easy to attach directly to your truck without hassle, compatible with most smartphones and a mobile app that provides real-time tracking information.

The Optimus 2.0 Bundle is a GPS tracker that monitors speed, location, and movement. Equipped with a motion sensor to fit any desired use case and customizable for personal preferences. Furthermore, this device features instant overspeeding alerts and long battery life with multiple satellite systems for reduced downtime.

An important consideration when purchasing a GPS tracker is its ability to update quickly and precisely. You should seek a device that gives updates every 30 seconds or so so you can monitor its location from your phone – this is particularly relevant if using it to watch a motorcycle.

The latest version of the Solid GPS tracker utilizes cutting-edge technology to protect your car, motorcycle, boat, caravan, and other valuables from theft. Thanks to its compact size and undetectable nature, thieves won’t even know it is there, and you can even use it to track machinery or farming equipment! Additionally, geofences allow for precise location tracking.

Since they began coding when they were twelve, the founders of Solid GPS Tracker have been experts in software and hardware technologies. After being frustrated by a lack of reliable GPS trackers in Australia, the brothers started working on their project. Frustrated at having no reliable option available locally, they pledged to develop something Australian-made that would deter thieves and keep customers’ data private – unlike competitors who sell customer info to third parties. Furthermore, The Solid GPS Tracker features low upfront pricing with local telephone support available throughout.

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