Celebrate Your Special Occasion With a Party Boat Rental


As opposed to hotels or convention rooms, party boats provide comfort and privacy – ideal for weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. Find the best boat hire in Malta.

When planning a party boat rental, start by identifying how many guests will attend and choosing an accommodating vessel that satisfies everyone’s size and needs. Depending on the nature of your event, additional entertainment features or water sports add-ons may also be necessary.


weddings are momentous occasions that should be commemorated with gusto – what better way than with an unforgettable party boat rental? The open sea offers the perfect setting to create lasting memories and an intimate setting that will have all of your guests talking for years!

Attracting guests with its breathtaking rippling waves and sunset will add a truly memorable atmosphere for your cocktail hour, wedding reception, and dance party on board a yacht is unrivaled; additionally, a yacht provides privacy that ensures no gate crashers spoil your ceremony!

As part of your boat rental decision-making, be sure to discuss catering options with the charter company so you get precisely what you are after. They may try upselling larger vessels than necessary or adding unnecessary extras, so it is vital that you stand your ground when it comes to negotiations.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette party boat rentals offer the bride-to-be an enjoyable way to celebrate before she marries without breaking the bank or visiting bars and restaurants. Pontoon or yacht boats may provide more budget-friendly alternatives than restaurants or nightclubs for this celebration.

Customize the boat to match your event theme, such as selecting a pirate-themed bachelorette party charter or a more romantic sunset cruise. Add extra activities, like dolphin excursions and jet skiing excursions, for an unforgettable experience for all on board.

Bachelorettes or bachelor parties aboard boats offer many advantages, not least of which is that you can dance freely without disturbing others. Furthermore, many boats even come equipped with built-in sound systems so you can blast your favorite tunes all night (or day) long!

Corporate Events

Corporate events can be powerful tools for building morale, developing relationships, and uniting individuals into an effective team. But they can become mundane if held in the same location year after year – make your next corporate event truly memorable by organizing it aboard a party boat!

Not only can this be an exciting and unusual choice, but it is also an effective way to bring your employees together and let them enjoy themselves. There is so much potential entertainment on a party boat, whether hosting karaoke, games, or making it into a themed night.

Your guests will experience an unforgettable view of the city skyline from the water – something they will talk about for weeks afterward! In addition, having a boat party can boost your company’s brand image, providing potential advantages in future business ventures.

Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal dinners are an event designed to break the ice among family and friends from various parts of your life as they come together in celebration of your upcoming nuptials. This can be either formal or informal and set the scene for all that will follow, from menu selection to decor selection.

Send invitations four weeks in advance so that guests have enough time to clear their calendars for your event. Your invites don’t need to be fancy; emailing is often less stressful.

If you host your rehearsal dinner at a restaurant, everything from food preparation to decor will be taken care of by the venue, making this event seamless for both you and your guests. This is particularly helpful if they have already visited it.

Birthday Parties

An unforgettable birthday party on a boat will create a memorable experience for you and all of your guests.

Your party can have any theme you choose or just be casual: ask guests to come wearing their favorite attire. Or go all-out with a buffet dinner and drinks – the skyline will serve as the backdrop, giving guests plenty of opportunities to take photos with their phones or cameras!

Booking a birthday party aboard a private yacht allows you to ensure the space is all your own without party crashers interrupting celebrations or others crashing the party. Furthermore, work with the party boat company to customize the experience according to your individual needs and preferences – they may arrange specific music genres or add lighting that complements your theme.


When renting a party boat for holidays and weekends that are popularly celebrated, make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure the boat you desire can be reserved. Waiting may leave you disappointed to discover it has already been taken up.

One other consideration when renting a boat is capacity. Make sure your selection can accommodate all the guests you’ve invited; otherwise, some may need to be turned away on short notice.

Ask if the boat offers open or cash bar services so that all your guests can fully enjoy the journey without worrying about how much alcohol they are consuming; many rental fees include food as well.

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