Malta Yacht Charters


Malta yacht charters are an ideal way to discover its vibrant culture and crystal waters. This archipelago boasts several UNESCO World Heritage sites, centuries-old fishing villages, and biological hotspots, which make it truly amazing. Obtain the Best information about Malta yacht charters.

You can rent a bareboat yacht to explore Malta in style with just yourself or with your group, provided that you possess an active license as a professional sailor.

Choose the Right Vessel

Malta, as a yacht charter destination, boasts many attractions: vibrant fortified towns, unspoiled beaches, and vibrant traditional festivals make an impactful first impression; add in its UNESCO-listed prehistoric sites, colorfully painted houses, and picturesque coves, and it becomes apparent why Malta stands out amongst other Mediterranean yacht chartering spots as one of its least appreciated.

Malta yacht rentals are best enjoyed during late spring and summer when temperatures are comfortably warm and seas are calm. Even during the height of the season, hidden bays or quiet beaches can be discovered; prepare to do a bit of sailing to reach them!

Sailo offers an extensive fleet of vessels in Malta, making it easy to find something suitable for both your group size and budget. Most boats also include skipper services at an additional fee – an expense worth incurring if you lack sailing experience!

A bareboat yacht charter allows you to experience Malta’s beautiful coast and islands with just your friends or family at a significantly reduced cost compared to a skippered charter. We recommend asking the boat owner any queries you might have before booking, using the “Message the Boat Owner” button on their page to get in contact.

Safety First

Safety should always be at the forefront when selecting a yacht to charter. All commercial vessels for charter must meet certain stringent regulations stipulated by the Malta Transport Authority to ensure your well-being onboard. Before setting sail, be sure to familiarize yourself with these regulations, learn navigational rules, and familiarize yourself with safety equipment such as life jackets, flares, rafts, and fire extinguishers.

Before embarking on any trip, it’s essential to monitor weather conditions carefully. If forecasted storm clouds appear threatening, it would be prudent to remain in port or dock as any severe storm may produce waves that sweep over the deck and flood cabins while damaging electrical systems – an unnecessary risk on vacation!

Approving and being respectful to the crew aboard your yacht are vital components to ensure an enjoyable vacation experience for all aboard. As is customary with charter yachts, tipping is also customary – usually 10-20% of your charter rate should suffice. Finally, being conscious of water consumption onboard a yacht with limited supplies should help minimize needing to replenish them during your vacation trip by the crew.

Follow the Rules of the Waters

No matter if you rent a yacht for just one day or stay several weeks, it is vital to follow the rules of the water. This includes making sure that you have all necessary documents and boat insurance – such as a valid passport with visa (if needed), VHF radio operator license, boat driving license/training certificate, and international health coverage policy.

Malta is an idyllic yachting paradise with an extensive history. From the grand Grand Harbour with its fortress walls and church spires looming high over sapphire waters to Comino Island with its limestone rock pools, where legend tells of Calypso taking Odysseus captive as her sexual slave, there’s plenty to see on a yacht charter around Malta. Venture into Mdina to discover ancient streets before visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral for some serenity and tranquillity.

The ideal time and place to rent a yacht in Malta depends on your personal preferences. Some enjoy fighting for space in busy marinas during peak summer months, while others might prefer sailing when weather conditions are milder and more tranquil. To enhance your sailing experience, Sailo offers many boats with skipper services, enabling you to fully relax and focus on having a fantastic vacation experience!

Rent a Skipper

Malta’s strategic position at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea draws yachters of all levels – both experienced and novice sailors – into its marinas for sailing expeditions from June through September. Warm temperatures, clear skies, and calm waters draw many cruisers here for its world-class marinas.

Chartering a yacht in Malta provides an unrivaled way of exploring its islands, Gozo and Comino, and their crystal-clear waters. Yacht charter is also an ideal way to discover its unique architecture—from Valletta’s grand fortress to Gozo’s lavish baroque architecture and UNESCO temple complexes—as well as stunning natural landmarks like its two sister islands!

Pack all essentials, whether for a day trip or a week-long sailing vacation. This should include comfortable clothing, a sun hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, and any necessary personal medications. A light jacket and shawl may come in handy should evening temperatures drop. Entertainment might include books or board games to keep things lively onboard.

Renting a boat in Malta has never been more straightforward with Sailo! From inflatable RIBs and luxury catamarans to RIB rentals starting from $150 per day and yacht rentals costing tens of thousands per week, Sailo offers boats that suit every taste and budget imaginable—from budget RIBs up to luxury yachts costing hundreds of thousands per week!