Family Tree Service – Experts in Hazardous Tree Removal


Maintaining healthy trees on your property increases its beauty, value, and safety. Taking steps to remove hazardous ones is vital to its integrity and well-being. Find the best tree service Concord.

Any tree service company worth its salt should gladly supply you with a list of references and be willing to prove its state and commercial liability coverage.

Stump Removal

Old stumps can be an eyesore in your yard and should be removed quickly for your own good and safety. Not only can they cause trips and falls, but their presence promotes unwanted new growth and attracts insects—so let Family Tree Service remove those pesky stumps for good!

Under certain conditions, tree removal may become necessary due to internal decay, broken trunk, severe lean, or pest issues that cannot be effectively managed. This is especially the case for trees near structures like homes or buildings—in such situations, an insured professional tree service must be hired to safely and effectively remove the problematic tree.

Family Tree Service’s cabling and bracing services can help support weak branches to minimize storm-induced damage. We can also treat problem trees for insect or disease infections to lower their likelihood of becoming hazardous; all our employees are Utility Line Clearance Certified through UAA (Utility Arborist Association) and follow ANSI A300 and Z133 tree care standards.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Family Tree Service’s expert tree trimming and pruning services can extend the lifespan of young trees while decreasing risk due to stormy weather or pest infections. If performed correctly, these processes can dramatically extend a tree’s lifespan while simultaneously reducing risk.

Family Tree Service’s tree surgeons can advise on whether crown reduction would benefit your tree based on its current size or density; in doing so, main limbs will be cut away while not exceeding 60% of secondary branches will remain.

Family Tree Service’s expert technicians specialize in crown thinning as well as tree cabling and bracing services to protect vulnerable branches during a storm, adding support to weak stems or branches and decreasing their chance of falling during severe weather.

If a tree on your property has become overgrown and hazardous to nearby power lines, contact Family Tree Service. They specialize in utility line clearance to keep your trees free from damage.

Tree Removal & Debris Removal

Family Tree Service has the equipment and experience necessary to safely remove unmanageable trees while also helping dying or dead ones live longer through cabling and bracing services, which prevent their limbs from falling during storms. All our employees are Utility Line Clearance Certified professionals who adhere to ANSI A300 and Z133 tree care standards; many also belong to the International Society of Arboriculture, which promotes arboricultural practice with particular attention on utility arboriculture, right-of-way vegetation management, as well as right-of-way vegetation management – something Family Tree Service also is.

Emergency Tree Removal

No matter the cause – whether weather-related or simply old age – fallen trees can do significant damage to both property and family safety. Contact Family Tree Service immediately after any dangerous limb or tree falls to quickly and efficiently clear away dangerous branches or the whole tree to protect yourself and your family members. Additionally, we also offer cable and bracing services for weak or dying trees to withstand future storms more effectively, cable limbing services for weak trees that might survive future storms more effectively, utility line clearance services, and hazardous tree limbing/removal services!

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