Surfing in Japan – Why it is the best Unique Voyage


All about Surfing in Japan:

Surfing in Japan – You may think surfing and Okazaki, japan is a bit like chalk and cheese, however, a single visit during September could make any surfer realise how the two go together such as a hot summer night plus a cold Asahi!

Surfing in Japan – As a getaway destination, Japan takes a number of beats. Contrasts abound along with visitors will certainly feel ripe on all levels. Early temples and tranquil shrines lull them into quietness and contemplation, only for typically the famed ski-slopes to let these people cut loose at high gears. The wealth of fine dishes ensures that the taste buds no longer feel left out!

On top of everything that, there is another thing that makes this foot itch to return. This desire to surf Japan. The main swells of the typhoon time.

Surfing in Japan – It is the combination of the usual Japanese people draw cards and the astonishingly world-class waves that make it and so alluring for a surf voyage. Many other surf destinations are actually homogenised; the surf campements, boat charters, and clown pancakes look and flavour the same worldwide. Japan delivers some refreshing new flavours, especially in the rural ‘inaka’.

Surfing in Japan – A good unchanged culture is upon display all day every day. It is generally there as you negotiate a web of rice paddies to commence a secret surf place, and it is there as the bemused ‘Oba-chans’ (Grandmas) stop function to stare at you — the “lost” foreigners along with funny planks on the roof.

The blissful feeling arises if you are immersed in this slower part of the Japanese culture. You are feeling as if you have leapt back in its history to land still reigned over by feudal lords as well as Samurai swords. To expose your own senses to such a distinctive experience and at the same time indulge in an eternity passion like surfing is really something you never forget.

Therefore how are the waves?

Surfing in Japan – I will not go into too much detail right here, but with many of the southern coastlines facing directly into ‘typhoon alley’, you can bet on a few sumo sized swells moving into the many reefs, stage, and beach breaks.

Such as many surfers, I have hunted down my wave habit across the world, but when I reminisce about epic sessions past, it does not take visions of South Okazaki, japan that drift through my thoughts. It can really turn on.

Overall it’s the adventure that matters. Entering a journey into the navigate, surfboard underhand, who knows what you will find…